Rage Deity

Magnis, the wind elven god of war, fire, battlelust, strength, rage and passion.

Son of Rahman, he was among the first to answer Rahman's call alongside his brother, Zethus. He has the appearence of a warrior in his prime, strong in body and conviction.

His golden locks and greatsword are eternally on fire, the sword burning so hot that the blade is blazing red, mere moments from metling.

For all his prowess he lives with regret. Regret over his battlelust, losing himself to the passion of battlerage. Before the war against the giants he sought the love of the Huntress, Artise. She who lives for the thrill of the hunt and who lords over all the wild things. Their passionated love were great but it would end in tragedy. The giants captured the Huntress and turned her into a cold and malevolent goddess of ice and frost, a being who hungers for all warmth.

Magnis fought with his life at stake to free her from her enslavement, almost forsaking the war against the giants. After a cataclysmic battle of fire and frost which shook all of Solcu did he manage to get close enoguh to embrace her in his fiery embrace. The dark spell on her melted away along with her frozen exterior and the Huntress were released.

Their passionate love is said to have resonated among all living thing, driving them near mad in their passions.

Confident that he had saved his love did he return to the thick of the battles against the giants, invigorated with limitless passion.

But the Huntress would fall back under the giants spell once again, becoming the goddess of ice and frost once again, forcing Magnis away from the battle to once again release her.

So continues the eternal cycles of fire and ice, mirrored in the seasons of winter and summer.