Headmistress of Universität Die Magie

High Priestesss of Heliset


Abandoned as a small child by her parents because of her Brand of the Trickster in the wooden borderlands of Grönenwald duchy. Found by a wandering Schwarzbogen family whom nurtured her back to health and adopted her as one of their own as is the customs of the grim Schwarzbogen. Given the surname of "Schwarzbogen", a tradition of the Grönenwald elves for all adopted children.She early showed her intelectual gifts and talents in the magical arts, a trade not often taken up by the practical and down-to-earth Grönenwald elves.

When she reached maturity she travelled to the esteemed Universität Die Magie in Sturmstadt. There she made a name for herself and within two decades had she managed to reach the rank of Rektor, a feat only happening once or twice every century for someone so young.Over the next century she continued to hone her arcane arts. It was in her 6th decade that the church of Heliset recruited her among it's secretive ranks. At the age of 127 had she risen to become High priestess of Heliset after having completed the three pilgrim voyages to the Ashan homeland of Shambala.

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