Mad Flocks are divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of madness, Vuldorol, that inhabit ??? and were created when he plucked his own feathers. Some of them work towards spreading and curing mental ills. They are considered strange creatures which are more trouble than what it's worth.


Mad Flocks have various bodies whose feathers that slowly change colours in psychedelic patterns. The main body is a man-sized bird, each with unique shapes on their beaks, tails, chest and head crest and even the feathers. Around the body fly small bird-like creatures made of three feathers attached together by their root, two feathers acting as wings while one act as a tail. These "birds" flock in the hundreds around the main body.


All Mad Flocks can use the following powers:

  • Flock Spear: the flock charges with mad energies and aim for the enemy trying to pierce them. If it hits it creates vast ammounts of anxiety in the enemy.
  • Mad Shield: the flocks spins around the main body blocking attacks, creating anxiety in anybody that hears, smells, sees, touches or tastes the shield.
  • Devour Madness: The main body feathers go up and drains the madness and mental defects from anybody around them, healing itself and raises their stats.
  • Anxiety's Coil: the flock spins around the target and turned into a coil that hinder its movement powered by the target anxiety. The more anxiety they have the longer and stronger will the coil be.
  • Nervous Breakdown: The entire flock around the main body explode outwardly as far as possible before exploding in a burst of psychedelic mad and gases. The explosion gives Vuldorol's Lapse to anybody that breathes the coloured gases. It also leaves in the blast zone for around a decade a cloud of madness in the zone.

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