Luminary Angels are the divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of light, Salva, that guard the ???. They are considered the guardian angels of the talented.


The Luminary angels look like angels whose bodies are completely covered in armour and scarves made out of multi-coloured light and wield bows that shoot arrows, both made of coloured and fragmented glass. They have a pair of wings made of light that point upwards. Their bodies can appear with the shape of any race that worships the Ramaldian Sphere.

Higher-ranked Angels have more intricate armours made of transparent glass. They wield intricate hilts with an invisible blade.


Both lower-ranked and higher-ranked Luminary angel are able to use the following powers:

  • Laser Arrow: Instead of using glass, they summon an arrow made of laser that burns the enemy.
  • Light Bomb: A magical bomb that when it explodes creates a very bright light that temporarily blinds any hostile.
  • Star Orbital: Summons an Orb that shoots light beams at enemies until it depletes itself. The angel can grant it to other persons.
  • Enlight: Luminares can refract (slightly change angles of attack), reflect(reverse their position so an arrow shot from their left is changed on the fly like it was shoot from their right) and disperse (divide itself into coloured clones) themselves almost instantly.
  • Artistic Inspiration: An blessing that turns anybody into an artistic genius.

Higher-ranked Angels may also use the following abilities:

  • Radioactive Blade: Their invisible blades are made of radiation and irradiate anybody they touch.
  • Laser Storm: Launching an miniature star when the weather is overcast will create a rain of lasers that glass anything it touches.
  • Warfare Inspiration: An blessing that turns anybody into a military genius as long as the sign remains in his forehead. After it disappears the recipient will still be an above-average military general.

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