Lukersville is the realm of the god Baron of Lukersville of the Ramaldian Sphere.


This realm can be accessed by getting lost at midnight deeply in a wild, dark and ancient forest. This realm is a village, the size of a city, with a gigantic black manor on one of its sides, within a dark forest. The village, whose buildings are dark and look decrepit, has every type of edifice a city would need. Most of it is inhabited by monsters of terror and Blackbone constructs while small communities of Blackbones can be found in certain spots. Sometimes Phobomancers will come out of the Black Manor to give declarations of the god. Dreadthorn can be found spread all around the realm.

Black ManorEdit

The Black Manor, one of the scariest places in the universe, is located in the northern section of Lukersville and is the personal home of the Baron. It is said that those that are invited inside will ascend into greater beings.

Monster ParkEdit

A park found just outside the manor with shapeshifting mazes of bushes, giant predatory insects and colorfull, dangerous plants.

Prison of TerrorsEdit

A prison found in the southeast containing specters of some of the most fearless criminals of the nations that worship the Ramaldian Sphere. It is guarded by some of the scariest dungeon creatures found around the world.


  • Black Bones: The skeleton gel ghost that maintain the state of the realm.
  • Anmos: The constructs made of the remains of Black Bones that guard the realm.
  • Phobomancer: The mysterious masters of necromancy that serve the Baron.
  • Dreadthorn: A plant with powerful fear toxins native to the realm.

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