Lo-Honshar was the capital of the Honshar Oni clan, built over unnamed Era'thora ruins. It served as their capital from its initial construction around 650 years ago until the elimination of Honshar emperors 51 years ago. To this day, Lo-Honshar remains prominent city and an administrative and political centre, despite Ogres moving the capital to Har-Garaga.

The Honshar Oni attempted to use the magical devices still contained deep under the ruins as leverage against other Oni clans, but for now unknown reasons, the plans backfired and the ruins were magically sealed. When the Ogre Commonwealth destroyed the Oni Empire, Lo-Honshar lost its prominency. Current plans are to bulldoze down the remaining overground ruins and use the underground element as a sewage deposit. Spies from the Oni Empire are desperate to delve into the ruins and recover whatever magical artifacts they can find before the site is defiled by the industrial development of Ogres.