Lindwurms are the divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of essence, the World's Lindwurm, that inhabit and care for the Dragon Souls in the Peak of the World. They are considered monstrous beasts that behold and foster greatness. Each of them represents a race of dragonkin.


Each Lindwurm is an gigantic serpentine creatures, each with their entirely different and unique characteristics. They can have fur, scales, bare skin, feathers horns, plates, spikes, spines, any quantity of eyes, all kinds of teeth, scars, mouths of various sizes and shapes, any gender, among thousands of other qualities.

They are ancient Primordials that fought in the Lindwurm Wars and lost to the World's Lindwurm, bounded them to its body, forcing to serve them forever by caring and protecting dragon souls. Some of them manipulate the cults of the Word of the Dragon so they can free themselves from their bondage.


All Lindwurms are able to use the following powers:

  • Lindwurm's Breath: Each Lindwurm has an unique breath, capable to do vast acts of creation or destruction.
  • Essence Rippers: Any cut damage caused by a Lindwurm's body damages the wounded's very essence and nature, causing wild personality shifts and bipolarity.
  • Essence Healers: Any touch with a Lindwurm's tongue, eyes and nose causes the individual to be restored to its baser essence removing both physical and mental flaws.
  • Choke Essence: When a Lindwurm violently coils around a creature its essence becomes more simple, with his body, mind and soul transforming closer into the stereotypes that better represent the individual.
  • Comfort Essence: When a Lindwurm gently coils around a creature its essence becomes more complex, with his body, mind and soul transforming closer into an unique individual destined for greatness.

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