Libram Vita are spirits that resides in the shelves of [[]], the realm of Peyloros taking the form of a book, each one telling the story and experiences of a living being whose soul ended in a realm of a god of the Ramaldian Sphere. Each book is custom to the being it originated from, some are short comic books with cheap covers, while others are great literary texts treated with leather covers, while some will be garbled messes with covers made of gold. The contents of the book will seem to be designed to how literal and image mined the being was in life while the cover seems to grow more valuable depending on how great that being was in life. Upon opening the book a deceased person entire life is open almost instantly to the reader.

This form of Afterliving is unique in the Ramaldian Sphere as it is made of the very small amounts of essence that the gods of pantheon are bound by treaties to pay to Peyloros of every being they receive into their realms. Because of this none of these books produce any lasting materials upon being destroyed and are more valuable as the information sources they are. They have no independence or intelligence whatsoever and are completely dependent on the Nul-Cyphers for protection from people looking to steal these tomes of the gluttonous Libram Moths.

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