The Wordkeepers and the writing of the Beforetimes Edit

~2000 years ago

Leprekhan Kathar of the Gortuun tribe forms the Wordkeepers. The Wordkeepers role in leprechaun society is to write and keep track of history. During this period the leprechaun legends about 'the Beforetimes' are written down.


The forming of Gortuath, the first leprechaun kingdom Edit

~1980 years ago

Leprekhan Kathar of Gortuun unites the scattered leprechaun tribes in the forestlands and drives out the groups of the feral trolls occupying the surrounding area.

The kingdom of Gortuath is formed with King Kathar on its throne, who begins building the great forest city of Kathbal. A majority of leprechaun tribes gather under the banner of Gortuath, and the king establishes a wide network of villages in the forests.


The Throne WarsEdit

~1950 years ago

Kathar's grandson, King Erekh is usurped by his cousin. This event becomes the spark of a series of lengthy battles and skirmishes, where the kings of Gortuath are assassinated and replaced every other year.


~1920 years ago

The kingdom of Gortuath is on the brink of full blown civil war when a young leprechaun named Riglich, through infiltration and guerilla-type warfare, claims the throne from the current tyrant, King Trysth.


The Gortuath Golden Age Edit

~1910 -1800 years ago

King Riglich becomes the longest ruler of Gortuath through history, with a reign spanning for almost thirty years. In this time King Riglich builds several larger settlements and defensive outposts at the kingdom's borders.

The century following Riglich's revolution has become known as the golden age of Gortuath. During this time leprechaun society prospered. The great institution of druids known as Teoth Denon is formed during this period, who starts methodizing the ancient leprechaun magics.


The Waldghast Invasion Edit

~1740 years ago

The kingdom of Gortuath is attacked repeatedly by waldghasts, dark ghoulish creatures from the underworlds emerging at the foot of the mountains. Overwhelmed and outnumbered the leprechaun's defenses crumble and they have to retreat. For years the waldghasts keep coming, seemingly without end, until eventually, as the forests are breached and the city of Kathbal is the last stand for the leprechaun race, the trees awakens and furiously pushes the invaders back into the underworlds.


~1710 years ago

The kingdom of Gortuath slowly recuperates after the devastating invasion. Villages and towns are rebuilt in the forest, and the defensive outposts are reinforced. During these years the druids of Teoth Denon delves deeper into the disciplines of their magics, hoping to unlock the secrets of the forest's sleeping trees. But instead of finding the way to awaken the trees to their will, in their efforts they discover rune magics. When the king of Gortuath, who had an interest in magics and mystery, hears of the druid's discovery he begins funding and supporting their experiments.


The Wars of Lost Sons Edit

~1670 years ago

At the festival of Samna, two tribal entourages get into a skirmish which triggers a devastating war in the southern provinces of the forests. The news of magical runes have reached all corners of Gortuath, and the number of combat druids in each tribe is rising more than ever before. The battles and wars between leprechaun tribes takes a new shape, as dangerous and unstable rune weapons enter the mainstream. The wars between the southern tribes during this time are bloodier than any fought before. As drought strikes the land and destroys the harvests, the tribes in the kingdom grows more desperate. Many northern tribes are dragged into the wars in the south, until eventually the king and his personal army strikes down the aggressors at the Battle of Katlorec. The king's mystics had found means to improve harvests despite of the drought, information which they distributed across the kingdom, putting an end to the devastating wars.


The exploration of the southern jungles Edit

~1580 years ago

Trolls from the jungles beyond the frozen mountain attacks the southern borders of Gortuath. The tribes in the area retaliates by sending offensive expeditions into the uncharted jungles, an act unapproved of the king. Tension rises between the southern tribes and the king as the tribelords and elders of the south keeps battling trolls in the jungles. The king orders any leprechaun south of the frozen mountain to be considered outlaws.


~1560 years ago

Deep within the dark jungles leprechaun expeditions discover an ancient temple of the Dena, built by nomadic tribals long ago. As soon the druids of the Teoth Denon hears about it they secretly send excavators and wordkeepers. Tablets with depictions of the events during the Beforetimes are uncovered and interpreted by the wordkeepers. They tell of a magical orb given to the ancient leprechauns by the Dena, the Eye of Karr, which got lost to them. A small outpost is built around the temple.


The Kharei War Edit

~1540 years ago

The secret expeditions of the Teoth Denon is discovered, sparking a war between the king and the institution's magicians. A third party, the powerful family of Kharei, enters the battles and fights in favor of the druids. With their powers combined they defeat the king's armies and the Kharei family takes the throne. Expeditions in the jungles are now more or less encouraged, as the king sees it as an opportunity to recover magical secrets that will benefit the kingdom.


~1480 years ago

The Teoth Denon discovers ways to domesticate, and in some cases control wildlife. The institution begins training leprechauns and beasts alike, and provides the king with badgerbull-mounted cavalry. With birds flying messages across the forest, the king's communication with the tribes grows more efficient.


The Second Waldghast Invasion Edit

~1450 years ago

Once again the kingdom of Gortuath is attacked by waldghasts from the underworlds. Over the centuries the invaders have mutated and grown more dangerous. King Derigh and his armies fight fiercely. For years the waldghasts are held off, only barely entering the forestlands at some occasions, before they're pushed back to the mountains. The king sends a small force of elite warriors south to flank the waldghasts, to be able to push them back to the underworlds. The plan goes horribly wrong and during the fighting king Derigh is cut down. With no heir to claim the throne, the arch druid of the Teoth Denon takes the place as ruler of Gortuath.

The arch druid and ruler is desperate, as the Teoth Denon works endlessly to awaken the slumbering trees, and sends emissaries abroad in search of allies. Wind elves, on an isle just northwest of the forest, responds to the call and sends reinforcements to Gortuath. With the combined strength of the leprechaun kingdom and the wind elves of Westereichen the waldghasts are ultimately defeated and retreats back into the underworlds.


The age of early continental exploration Edit

~1430 years ago

The ruler of Gortuath establishes settlements near the kingdom's borders to serve as trading posts with foreign cultures, putting an end to its' earlier isolationistic politics. At the same time defensive outposts are reinforced and rebuilt.


~1350 years ago

An expedition funded by the Teoth Denon in northernmost Durad uncover what they believe to be the Eye of Karr, the legendary magical orb of the gods of Dena. The artifact is secretly transported back to the kingdom of Gortuath to be examined by the arch druid, who comes to the conclusion that it's not the Eye of Karr, but nonetheless a powerful magical artifact worth safekeeping.


~1320 years ago

Magical and runed artifacts from faraway cultures flows into Gortuath and to the hands of the Teoth Denon through trade. Also, an ancient tradition of alchemy is renewed in the tribes of southern Gortuath, encouraged by the new foreign ingredients. Also the art of refining the weaker metals and iron slowly develops in the southern tribes, improving not only their arts of weaponsmithing, but also that of jewelcrafting.


The Kauciin WarEdit

~1260 years ago

Wilgrem of Kaucer, supposed heir of the gortuan throne, steps forth and claims his birthright. The current ruler, arch druid Farrod, refuses to give up the throne, sparking a bloody war between a group of powerful tribes known as the Kauciin and the magicians of the Teoth Denon.

The war is fought on several fronts, rendering both sides thin. The war goes on for several years, during which several tribes switches sides and performs treacherous ambushes upon one another.

A decade later, the son of Wilgrem, later known as Derak the Great, and his armies miraculously topples the Teoth Denon at every single frontier, claims the capital, Kathbal, and once again puts a proper king on Gortuath's throne.


~1250 years ago

The Teoth Denon is allowed to continue their magical research and consult under the throne. During king Derak's reign the kingdom begins rebuilding slowly. The king begins taking heavier taxes from traders coming in and out of Gortuath, leading to a black market starting to emerge. With an underground market in the kingdom potentially dangerous goods are spread across the common leprechauns, leading to an increase in amateur magicians and alchemists.


The early deepworld expeditionsEdit

~1200 years ago

The king of Gortuath builds a large fort-like outpost in the mountains, known as Micarr. Not far from it an altar of Miac is constructed by the Teoth Denon. The outpost serves as an exploration point for the caverns running deep underground, and the altar for protection against the darkness below. With foreign mining equipment the leprechauns dig into the mountains, not only discovering the frozen minerals within, but also a plethora of weaker metals and iron. The art of forging weapons from the mountain's minerals begins to spread more and more through Gortuath.


~1170 years ago

Expeditions within the dark worlds below runs into a small group of waldghasts, who looks to be in a bad state. Further encounters proves the waldghasts are going through some form of degenerative process, falling back into more primitive states. The king of Gortuath orders any waldghasts to be slain, and adds a bounty for every ghast's head returned to the throne.


~1150 years ago

Tribes have begun to spread beyond the borders of Gortuath, into the southern jungles and towards the eastern coast, forming smaller societies outside of the king's territories. Outposts and villages, such as Vahrs and Corekh, became homes to many outlaws and shady black market traders. The leprechauns begins domesticating the local turtles, using them to travel up and down the rivers of the dense jungles.


The Great Civil War Edit

~1120 years ago

Series of droughts and failed crop leads to civil unrest throughout Gortuath. Riots in the larger villages begin to spread through the kingdom. The great loss of work and wealth leads to a greater number of outlaw tribes and groups.

The Teoth Denon, backed by the words of the Dena, encourages the king to strengthen the kingdom's borders and cut off their communication with the outside world.

The years of wars and bloodshed has only proved that they are better off as the defenders of the forestlands. A large group of southern tribes, along with tribes outside of the kingdom, goes to war against the king and the druids of the Teoth Denon. As the war reaches further north, closer to the capital, more tribes join the southerners.

Then, after some years, the war reaches a stalemate, and a long series of skirmishes are fought the rest of the decade.

A continued worsened state of climate around the forests farmlands leads both sides of the war to desperation.


~1100 years ago

The tribes rebelling against the throne besieges the kingdom's capital. After a year the outer walls are breached and the city burned to the ground. The old throne, carved by king Kathar's own men, was destroyed. As the capital fell, chaos broke out in the kingdom. The tribes still loyal to the king were targeted and hunted down, and only the institution of Teoth Denon was left unburned.

Although many stayed behind in the forestlands, some tribes traveled further south into the jungles, eventually reaching the shores.


The Neonomadic Age and the dawning of new nationsEdit

~1100-1020 years ago

The old leprechaun kingdom of Gortuath has been destroyed, and the tribes still in the forestlands are scattered and weakened, struggling to survive. The druids of the Teoth Denon has become more secluded and keeps to themselves inside their island monastery, rarely accepting new students into their ranks.

In the jungles beyond the mountains leprechaun tribes reaches the southern isles, known to them as the Dhare Ehlen, by riding across the water on turtles. Over the years many tribes settles across the islands, builds small villages and outposts, works out safe travel routes between them, and establishes an effective network of trade, in some cases involving foreign cultures. A temple of the Dena is built by the settlers on one of the far eastern islands.

Half a century later the climate around the forestlands stabilizes, allowing the northern leprechauns to once again root down and rebuild their society. Following traditions, the leprechauns of the forests forms their old standard tribal villages and towns, with a magically gifted elder as leader to each tribe.


~980 years ago

Three of the most powerful tribal leaders of the south unites the all tribes across the isles, forming the tribal nation of Dharlic, in order to grow wealthier and stronger. The leaders, who become known as the Leprekhan Triumvirate, strategically constructs military outposts across the isles and reinforces the trading villages. At the same time the trading cartel Damhains arises across the isles, funded by one of the khans and his tribe.

The Dharlic tribes sends emissaries to the independent black market villages in the jungles, establishing trading routes and communication.


~930 years ago

In the north the Teoth Denon emerges from solitude and contacts the tribes across the forestlands and offers an agreement of cooperation. Eager for spiritual guidance and stability between the tribes the tribal elders humbly accepts the druids' offer, which leads to the birth of the tribal nation of Karchayne. In contrast to the island leprechauns, the tribes of Karchayne are devoted to the cause of defending the ancient forestlands, isolates themselves from the outside world as best they can, and keeps an aggressive attitude towards unwelcome visitors within their territories. At this time and for several hundred years to come the Teoth Denon accepts only Karchayne leprechauns into their ranks.


The Haratrac WarEdit

~860 years ago

The northern tribes of Dharlic wage war against the independent tribes in the north eastern jungles, the Haratrac, over territorial disputes. The Haratrac tribes want Dharlic off the mainland and back to their islands. For months the Haratrac topples the Dharlic with use of guerilla tactics. After about a year the Dharlic tries countering the Haratrac tribes with infiltration and by cutting off their supply lines, but without success. For another couple of months the war wages on in the Haratrac's favor, who continuously gains more territories, until the Leprekhan Triumvirate decides to show the full strength of the united tribal nation of Dharlic. Thousands of island leprechauns storm the jungle's shores, tearing down and burning any outpost under control of the Haratrac tribes. A week later the army of Dharlic stood at the outer walls of the independent tribes' main hold, Haratr. The forces of the Haratrac tribes threw down their weapons and surrendered to the Dharlic, who left their capital unsacked and unburned. The Dharlic army retreated to the shores and built a military outpost to keep track on the activities in the north eastern jungles.


The Post-nomadic EraEdit

~800 years ago

After centuries of researching, exploring and studying the magics of nature, the druids of the Teoth Denon discovers the long lost secrets of awakening the slumbering trees in the forests. The arch druid along with his closest advisors are the only ones who know of the discovery, and in fear of letting the power come in the wrong hands, they keep it a secret from the younger students of the Teoth Denon and the tribal elders of Karchayne.


~770 years ago

Beastmasters of southern Dharlic domesticates the local great dragonflies, or the Ehldreach as they call them, and learns how to fly them. The Triumvirate shows immediate interest and adopts it into Dharlic culture, training soldiers and tradesmen alike in the arts of maneuvering a giant airborne insect. With the help of their new airborn Ehldreach cavalry, the Dharlic tribes claim several territories along the jungle shores.


~750 years ago

Independent tribal alchemists creates an unstable brew that might enhance a leprechaun's physical abilities, although the process might also go wrong and turn whoever drinks the brew into a frenzied hulk. The recipe gets release into the veins of the black market, and eventually reaches the tribes of Dharlic.

A series of the brew's backfiring spreads across the jungles. Feral leprechaun hulks terrorizes the south for months, leaving some villages in ruins. The forest denizens and the tribes of Dharlic unites to put down all stray muscle-mutants.


~720 years ago

Bands of 'tall folk' thugs and thieves attacks the northern forests of Kathlac Kol. The tribes of Karchayne manages to keep the invaders at bay, but they raid the Karchayne-controlled outposts and farming villages outside of the forests.

The bandits seem to have a permanent camp set up not too far north of the forestlands, as the attacks becomes somewhat of a trend, forcing the Karchayne tribes to reinforce their holdings in the outer territories.


The Wars of Gareset and independent tribes' golden ageEdit

~660 years ago

Karchayne tribes in the southern provinces of the forestlands, the ones closest to the jungles, begins communicating and trading with the independent tribes running the black market. As a result, numerous new magical objects and artifacts enters the Karchayne mainstream.

Some elders in the north disapproves, demanding the southern tribes to stop all communication outside of their borders. The trading continues, sparking a series of short wars going periodically for almost two decades between some of the Karchayne tribes.


~640 years ago

The druids of the Teoth Denon steps in between the middle of a battle between the Karchayne tribes, finally putting an end to the wars by striking fear into the heart of every tribal soldier and commander on the battlefield. The druids awoke the trees of the forests, who formed a wall between the armies with druids climbing through their branches and leaves.

In the aftermaths of the war the tribal elders are furious at the Teoth Denon for not sharing their apparent secret. The druids continue to keep the army of sleeping trees away from the control of Karchayne elders, causing tension between the two groups.


~630-570 years ago

The independent tribes in the jungles expands, many form trading cartels that rival those of the Dharlic.

Along the rivers of the jungles several outposts and villages are built. Much of the tribes' wealth, as well as their numbers grows rapidly over a few decades. During this period the Dharlic leprechauns lose territories in the jungles, until only a single heavily fortified outpost remains.


The birth of the deepborn leprechauns and the Dharlic Age of MonarchyEdit

~530 years ago

A group of outcast assassins formed in southern forestlands, the Calth Bratrash, wakes the rage of the Karchayne elders. According to the elders the assassins practice dark magics and twists the image of the Dena, so the order the assassins to be killed.

The Calth Bratrash flees the forestlands and hides in the mountains, where they discover the tunnels built by the leprechaun king seven hundred years ago. Within the deep tunnels the assassins make a create a new home for themselves, and struggles greatly for several decades to adapt.


~490 years ago

During a battle against overwhelming amounts of waldghasts, the leprechauns of the Bratrash are aided by a passing group of an unknown race. After defeating the waldghasts, the Calth Bratrash and the unknowns establish contact with each other, and over time learns to communicate. The leprechauns learn that their new friends are Karaadi, an ancient subterranean warrior race. Common enemies brings the leprechauns of the Bratrash and the Karaadi closer, to a point where the Karaadi begins sharing vital survival techniques and ways of battling the monstrosities below with them.

Over the years the leprechauns of the Calth Bratrash builds a monastery within the underground, several smaller defensive outposts throughout the tunnels, and begins training assassin monks.


~470-410 years ago

The leader of the Kohrin tribe and member of the Leprekhan Triumvirate stages a coup and claims command over the entirety of Dharlic's military forces. With the military under his sway the khan quickly turn on the other two in the Triumvirate, and before long he takes full control over Dharlic and appoints himself king over the tribes.

During the age of monarchy the Dharlic wages several wars on the independent tribes of the jungles, and claims territories all across the shoreline. The king threatens the Dharlic trading cartels into funding his expensive war machine, and runs several of them into bankruptcy, causing connections with the outside world to be severed.

After several generations under Kohrin rulership the peasants and those of the lower classes begins revolting. The revolution quickly spreads across the isles, and the king finds himself without allies. With the help from some of the independent tribes and with funding from the leprechaun trading cartels an army is raised that besieges the island of Kohr and after some months puts an end to the Dharlic era of monarchy. It's said it was a monk of the Calth Bratrash who infiltrated the island stronghold, assassinated the king and opened the gates from the inside so that the armies outside finally could end the siege.


~400 years ago

A Leprekhan Triumvirate is once again in power of the Dharlic tribes. Several territories in the jungles claimed during the age of monarchy is given back to the independent tribes and peace treaties are signed.

Slowly the tribal nation's infrastructure of trading routes and communications are rebuilt. The Dharlic tribes also begin sending diplomats to the Teoth Denon, hoping to better their magical abilities and their knowledge of druidism. Communications arise, but leads nowhere.


The Age of Cultural advances and the reformation of the Teoth Denon Edit

~380 years ago

Within ruins from the Gorthuan era, during an excavation by the Teoth Denon, a hidden collection of scripture is discovered. The scriptures turn out to be the scribbles and notes of a druid conducting experimental work in rune magics under orders from the throne. Much of the druid's work was left unfinished and seemingly forgotten for reasons unknown.

According to the Teoth Denon the experiments were to be followed up on and continued, as they seemed to contain valuable magical secrets.


~370 years ago

A group of amateur druids of northern Karchayne, focusing on understanding and communicating with the forestland's wildlife, becomes friendly with the Strygidaech, proud and intelligent owl-like birds. Two young leprechauns go off to live amongst the birds and study them, and ends up staying in their midst for almost two years. A strong bond between the two druids and the flock of Strygidaech is formed, which about a decade later leads to the birds integration into Karchayne society, opening the skies to the northborn leprechauns.

With communications and travelling becoming more available thanks to the Strygidaech, many southern tribes begin trading with the black markets in the jungles.


~350 years ago

Dharlic leprekhans sends several exploratory expeditions to map out the surrounding world. With their limited sea-faring abilities and somewhat low funding they are able to crudely draw maps of the continent of Durad and Yaleka.

Inspired by the maps and tales of foreign lands, several amateur explorers starts leaving their islands and seeks out the world beyond.


~340 years ago

Through the independent tribes' black market, southern Karchayne tribes obtains a number of musical instruments from foreign cultures. Music has up until this time been a non-existing part of leprechaun society, but an underground scene of primitive art music and theatrics begins to arise in the southern forestlands. In an attempt to recreate the foreign instruments, and to make them fit someone as small as a leprechaun, they create a number of new and innovative flutes, string-based contraptions and drums.


~330-310 years ago

The Teoth Denon decides to open their gates and let southborn leprechauns into their ranks. The sudden change is brought by a new young arch druid, Rahr Ghaeli, with great visions of the institute's future. By letting the southborn train under the druid professors and mentors, the leprechauns of Dharlic and the independent jungle tribes all get a higher rate of experienced magicians in their tribes.

Over his years as arch druid, Rahr Ghaeli also makes other changes, such as including the practices of alchemy and rune magics into the schooling of a druid, unlike traditionally when they were only trained in the nature magics of the Dena, and the other branches of magic were left to the most experienced of druids and mystics.


~300 years ago

The underground music and theatrics scene has grown immensely over the years, and the elders of Karchayne are united in adopting it into the nation's culture. Traditional festivals and ceremonies are enhanced with primitive music and plays. Also the Karchayne military is equipped with musical instruments to raise morale.


The Great Unrest and the jungle warsEdit

~270 years ago

Earthquakes across the Dharlic isles throws the nation into chaos. Devastating tidal waves sweeps several villages into the seas. Even large parts the mainland jungles and its wetlands get flooded, as well as the large institution of the Teoth Denon, sending tens of thousands of leprechauns to seek refuge in the forestlands of the Karchayne tribes.

At first the Karchayne tribes are reluctant to take in the foreigners, but the massive immigration can't be halted.  


~250 years ago

A long lasting drought strikes the northern lands, where most of Karchayne's agricultural outposts and villages are located. With wild animals migrating away from the land and harvests failing, the elders struggle to feed the all of their tribesmen, and a great famine spreads across the forestlands. Druids of the Teoth Denon in refuge do whatever they can to aid the tribes, but seemingly without much effect.

The nation of Dharlic has slowly recovered from the earthquakes despite great losses, with towns and outposts being rebuilt, and trading routes and communications reestablished.


~240 years ago

Dharlic tribes claims several territories throughout the south eastern jungles, finding only resistance from weak scattered tribes who've survived by scavenging what food they could find in the flooded jungles, and ultimately resorting to cannibalism. The Dharlic tribes pushes the scattered tribes into the deep jungles, takes over and rebuilds what old fortifications they can find and gains a firm grip on the land.
About the same time some of the southern tribes of Karchayne begins sending expeditions into the northern parts of the jungles, looking for fertile soil to feed the starving people. In a matter of years the tribes have claimed several patches of land across the northern jungles, in which they establish agricultural outposts.


~220 years ago

As the forests begin to grow more and more crowded, tension rises between the tribes. Minor skirmishes and battles causes some tribes to move back south into the jungles, which they find occupied by Dharlic and Karchayne tribes. Outmatched in both numbers and strength they reluctantly settle under the two nation's flags.


~200 years ago

Several once independent tribes unite to reclaim their homelands from the two leprechaun nations, sparking wars throughout the entire jungles, from the north to the south. The subterranean leprechauns of the Calth Bratrash were quick to side with the independent tribes.

Through sabotage and infiltration the independent tribes manage to reclaim some of the Dharlic controlled outposts on the mainland. The village of Chalen becomes the headquarters of the southern jungle tribes, as their struggle to reclaim their homelands continues.

The Karchayne tribes are in the phase of recovering from their past catastrophes and require the territories in the jungles for resources, so they send combat druids and airborne cavalry to defend their southern holdings from the independent tribes.


~180 years ago

With the wars in the jungles still raging on, the common people of Karchayne and Dharlic begin to protest, claiming the wars to be more expensive than profitable, and leading nowhere. Eventually civil unrest breaks out among many tribes, Dharlic in particular.


~170 years ago

Some Dharlic and Karchayne tribes join up with the independent tribes in the jungles, taking up arms against their governing forces. Karchayne, now having recovered, are quick to withdraw from independent provinces. The battles in the south east jungles between the independent tribes and the Dharlic wage on for another couple of years, until finally the independent tribes' efforts pay off, and the Dharlic tribes end up giving up most of their mainland territories.


The first leprechaun coloniesEdit

~130 years ago

Dhare Ehlen, the isles of Dharlic, grow evermore densely populated. The tribes can't spread further into the jungles without the risk of causing war. The Triumvirate of Dharlic decides to seek land elsewhere, beyond any leprechaun's northmost territories. For years expeditions are sent north along the coast, mapping out rivers leading inland towards appealing areas to settle.


~120 years ago

Dharlic explorer Rigil Orayn discovers an uninhabited highland plateau in north eastern Durad with fertile surroundings. With the approval of the Leprekhan Triumvirate a series of colonial outposts are settled around and atop the plateau. The following years several groups of Dharlic tribes emigrate to the far north, to the area come to known as Naarlan.


~100 years ago

The rich and powerful "Trade Prince" of Corekh, controlling the northern territories of the jungles, follows the Dharlic Leprekhans in their colonization. Tracking and tailing Dharlic emigrants he too discovers and settles outposts in the fertile areas south of the highland plateau, founding the colonies of Farmoch.


The age of prosperity and the invasion of Was AbhainEdit

~80 years ago

In the far north, the Dharlic and Corekh settlers make great profits, both through harvests and trading, ushering an age of wealth for the leprechauns.
The Leprekhan Triumvirate stand united when it comes to the point of gradually expanding along the rivers of the plateau. With independent emigrants from the jungles settling in the areas of both Naarlan and Farmoch, a subtle rivalry grows between the Dharlic Triumvirate and the Trade Prince of Corekh.


~70 years ago

The Trade Prince orders his settlers to form the town of Nurekh, a new Corekh in the far north. The town is built by the great lake in the Farmoch territories, and slowly grows to become a flourishing colonial outpost.

Around the same time, around the leprechaun heartlands, the Teoth Denon has begun a great reconstruction and renovation of their island institution. Having somewhat profited in the colonization of the far north by being a middle hand in the trading of magical goods, the arch druid had ordered to fortify the island with slumbering ents and a vast three-story longhouse with lecturing halls, along with a number of Karchayne-styled treetop housings and large libraries.


~60 years ago

Through personal connections and trade, the current Trade Prince of Corekh, Aric Gairh II, nestles his way into Haratr's politics, and slowly manages to take control of the Haratrac territories, and uses it for trading and taxation purposes.


~50 years ago

Within the deep jungles, in the forbidden territories, the cannibalistic leprechaun tribes wage a devastating war. The victor, Khan Rhaech of the Athadh tribe, launches a campaign to claim the western territories of Was Abhain, or Westpoint. With the majority of the tribes of the deep jungles under his command, Khan Rhaech rages along the rivers of the Westpoint, leaving villages and farmlands engulfed in flames, and their inhabitants devoured.

In the trading town of Statr, the elder in command, a representative of the Damhains trading company, quickly sends word to the Dharlic Triumvirate, asking for heavy reinforcements.

For months the massive army of fierce tribal warriors advance through the jungles, eventually besieging the hastily fortified town of Statr. When the invaders are just about the break through the town's defenses, an army of Dharlic and independent tribes, led by the Leprekhan of Hairh, appears and flanks them. A bloody battle takes place, in which the Leprekhan confronts and fights Khan Rhaech. The Khan of the deep has his head separated from his neck, and the cannibalistic invaders are scattered.


The great warEdit

~40 years ago

Trade Prince Gairh II hires groups of mercenaries, leprechaun and tallfolk alike, and orders them to terrorize the colonies of Naarlan. In the outskirts of the colonial territories, raiding camps and mercenary outposts are established.

A large group of villages are raided in south Naarlan, but the mercenaries are within weeks beaten down and scattered by Dharlic defenders. Not long after, the Trade Prince hires new mercenaries to raid the Dharlic's colonies. This time, the Trade Prince had himself assigned warchiefs to lead each group.

The attacks in the Naarlan territories grows more frequent, and the attackers more organized. With guerilla tactics they manage to cripple the Dharlic forces in a matter of weeks, and reaches colonies atop the highland plateau.

In response the Triumvirate of Dharlic sends heavy reinforcements to the far north, decimates the raiding mercenaries, and manages to uncover that Trade Prince Gairh II was behind the attacks.

As the eyes of the Dharlic Leprekhans are focused on the colonies, busy fighting hired marauders and sending supplies to the far north, the Trade Prince takes the opportunity to further solidify his stance in the territories of the jungles.


~35 years ago

In a devastating attack on the southern outposts of Naarlan, one of the Trade Prince's warchiefs are captured by Dharlic forces, who interrogates him and finds out Prince Gairh II is behind the aggressions upon their colonial villages and outposts. Knowing the Leprekhan Triumvirate would soon get word of it, the Trade Prince deploys his personal army to march on the isles of Dharlic.

With their most fierce warriors and magicians stationed in the colonies up north, the islands where the Dharlic tribes make their homes are left severely under-protected from a full on assault. The Trade Prince's army ravages across the primary isles and the eastern frontier for weeks before claiming the evacuated city of Hairh, the capital of the Dharlic nation.

In the chaos, many tribes fled north, and among them the Dharlic Triumvirate. A month later the Triumvirate had relocated the Dharlic governing centre to a secret location in the northern highlands, somewhere in the colonial territories. The colonial outposts of Naarlan were heavily fortified, and the Dharlic soldiers and citizens left in the south got word to join their brothers and sisters in the far north. Only a small portion of Dharlic's warriors and druids were left in the eastern jungles, in the trading town of Statr.


~30 years ago
Now controlling the islands of Dhare Ehlen, the Trade Prince seeks to further expand his influence, and begins attacking the wetland territories of the jungles. Persuading the tribes of the deep jungles to raid the wetland villages, the Trade Prince makes quick work of any resistance.
Hearing word of the conquering Trade Prince of the jungles, the Karchayne elders orders to fortify their southern holdings and prepare for the possibility of war. As the aggressions of Prince Gairh II grow more frequent throughout the jungles, the most powerful of leprechaun druids and mystics gathers in the south forestlands, to lend their support to defend the ancestral homelands if the Trade Prince would attack.
In the far north, the Dharlic Triumvirate plans a campaign across the Trade Princes colonies, going south over the mountains and marching on the Trade Prince's homeland territories of Eth Garadh, the Eastwall.
~25 years ago
The Trade Prince continues pushing his armies in the jungles further west. Within a few weeks almost the entirety of the territories of Was Abhain, the Westpoint, are under control of the Trade Prince. Only the westernmost areas surrounding the town of Statr, thanks to Dharlic reinforcements, manage to repel the invading forces. Shortly after the area is evacuated, and the tribes seek refuge in the Karchayne forestlands.
The Dharlic Triumvirate put their plans to work, sending their armies from the Naarlan colonies to march on the Trade Prince's lands. Around the same time an assassin of the Calth Bratrash murders Trade Prince Gairh II, leaving his vast armies in the hands of his vicious warchiefs. The ones in the Haratrac territories begins invading the southern Karchayne outposts. A legion of leprechaun magicians, backed by highly trained druids of the Teoth Denon, puts a swift end to the ravaging armies in the forestlands. As word reaches them the Dharlic are marching from the north, the elders of Karchayne sends support from the south.
The armies of the Dharlic and Karchayne nations, along with several independent tribes meet just north of the Eastwall territories. The Dharlic Triumvirate learns the Trade Prince has been assassinated, and joins the Karchayne and independent tribes in clearing the jungles of the late Trade Prince's armies, and reclaiming their homeland on the isles of Dhare Ehlen.

~20 years ago

The Dharlic tribes resettle on their islands in the south, slowly rebuilding their infrastructure with the profits from both the colonies of Naarlan and Farmoch.
The independent tribes of the jungles reclaim their territories they'd lost to the Trade Prince's onslaught. The territories of the Eastwall are controlled by a council of representatives from the independent tribes, the Teoth Denon and the tribes of Dharlic. The wetland territories and the westpoint falls back into the hand of the jungle tribes.
For the first time in many years peace falls upon the leprechaun lands.