The Kimbordian Salamander is one of the Great Beasts of Jebrak. It takes the form of a gigantic salamander made of embers surrounded and followed by its hatchings. During the Summer of every year the Kimbordian Salamander awakens and burns down a lot of Kimbordia's Jungle only to have all its elemental children die and its body put out during the rain season. When its fires dies out it body will bury itself underground until the next summer when it recovered enough to begin its inferno anew. When it dies it leaves several Kimbordian Embers behind.

This salamander is an important figure in Sauramander folklore, and is said to be the reason why the Sauramander left the egg containing the first of the Fiectir behind. Sometimes she is treated as a mother figure, others times a devil figure that wanted nothing more than provoke misery.

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