Karchayne is a nation of Leprechauns in the forestlands known as Kathlac Kol, north of the frozen mountain. Its capital is the town of Richkaan. The nation of Karchayne basically consists of small tribal villages and towns, often built high up towards the treetops, each çed by druid elders. Each year, when winter is just around the corner, the tribal leader and an entourage of choosing travels to Subehkaan for the festival of Samna, where they celebrate the harvest and plan as best they can for the coming year. The art of building villages and outposts high up in the trees is a old tradition from ancient times born to avoid the predators on the ground. Their small tribal huts and abodes rest on platforms of wood, with rope bridges and ladders connecting them with other platforms. Karchayne's head of state is the tribe elder of the Echkin tribe and ruler of the town of Richkaan.


The total population of Karchayne is 35,000. The major population centers and their number are:

Notable membersEdit

  • Tomus Daevin of Richkaan: Current head of state and high elder of the tribal senate.
  • Arch druid Marc Urhan of the Teoth Denon: Current second in command and spiritual advisor of the high elder.
  • Milidh Marus Gavin of Garis Nor: Current military generals and the swords of the high elder.
  • Milidh Donan Davon of Garis Set: Current military generals and the swords of the high elder.

Military arms and martial organizationsEdit

Sinnair Gar
The Sinnair Gar is a group of highly trained druids, and the personal guard of the tribal elder of Richkaan. Wherever the high elder goes, a group of at least five Sinnair guards follows him around and keeps him safe from potential attackers.

The Garisaigh is the civil militia of the Karchayne tribes. All able leprechauns within the nation of Karchayne are obliged to answer the high elder's call to arms if needed.

Scayth ta Kathlac
Although essentially being a neutral organization, staying out of nation's politics, the Scayth ta Kathlac are dedicated to defending the ancestral forestlands of the leprechauns, in which the many tribes of the Karchayne nation make their homes.

Brocmar Gar
For over a millennia the leprechauns of the forestlands have utilized the local badgerbulls, or brocmar as they call them, in combat. The Brocmar Gar is Karchayne's heavy cavalry, and is made up of fierce warriors mounted upon hulking beasts with sharp horns.

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