Jungle goblin
Classification Family:Bryokra
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 60 years
Height 1.15 m
Weight 35 kg
Nations Republic of Jebrak

Jungle goblins are a sub-race of goblins that have been on the Kimborda and Rumbadian Regions of Jebrak long before the time of the Goblin Empire.


Jungle goblins might be one of the most exotic of all goblin races with their green and dark green skin, paralysing poisonous fangs, only smaller than volcanic goblins and their high intelligence helping with their knack for biology and interfacing with biotechnology. Their ears, strength and eyes are the same as the average, with the last being red-yellow-orange coloured.

Their bodies have slightly less hair than most goblins, ranging from black-brown-red shades, having no facial hair and almost no body hair except for some located in their belly and pubic zones. Their scalp hair tends to grow very long and can easily reach the chest if not cut. They are know to be very altruistic, but also relaxed and with a intense love for partying.


The Jungle goblins were the last race of goblin found by the Goblin Empire while they were in the last stretches of conquering Jebrak, uniting the wild race into a single banner for the first time. Many expected that after the fall of the empire they would quickly fall into disarray and break away, much like the nations of the Ketre Sea did, instead they stood united after a few prophecies by the legendary demigoddess. This prophecy promised a wild jungle that would be turned into something obedient, that would result in the unification of Jebrak. Every single jungle goblin settled with their demigoddess in the Alard Peninsula, some by force, and with instructions of the gods, specially Zussi, they changed life itself to obey them and serve them, turning them into the highest food producer of the whole continent.

This new wave of druidic-industrialism and bounty of food and security came with a new problem who should they unite, the strong but authoritarian Mountain Kingdom, the just but religious Republic of Jebrak or stay independent and ally what would eventually turn into the Eastern Aloese Trade Initiative. They made a referendum two decades after the fall(-130BS) and joined the Republic of Jebrak. Eventually the democratic morals of the Jungle goblins set back the republic on the right path and were easily able to provide wood, food and medicine for the whole republic. However the Trade Initiative blockaded the republic supplies and forced them to pay steep prices for such routes.


  • Goblin Empire - The newest addition to the empire shortly before it fell.
  • Republic of Jebrak - One of the biggest supporters of the republic and one of the reasons it was able to survive and prosper.