Jungle elf
Classification Family: Asharta
Race: Jungle elf
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 450 years
Height 1.65-1.85 m (5.41-6.06 feet)
Weight 51.5-85.5 kg
Nations Dhal'Rianca Virgale
Characters Dhal'Rianca

The jungle elves, or Irasha, are one of the four elven races inhabiting Solcu, primarily in Tartarion.



The Irashas' ancestors, elven soldiers who fought alongside the gods during the immortal wars and splintered off from the main elven race. They were unable to accept their new mortality as anything but a betrayal from the gods they had fought alongside.

They settled in the inhospitable Tartarion, founding the great city-state Dhal'Rianca Virgale, named after its founder, far from the watchful eyes of the gods and their servants.


Name Role Condition
Dhal'Rianca Leader of the Irasha Alive
Inquisitor Thal'Caelarion, Confidant of the Damned Alive
Vid'Vandalore MIA