Illuminaire is the priest leader of the Church of Our Radiant and since the Cataclysm of Rorolark the leader of the Ramaldian Sphere and Republic of Jebrak. The Illuminaire is usually a very old goblin, mostly of the desert kind, appointed after their forties and usually rule for less than a decade.

The Illuminaires were

  • ...
  • Juriam: She is the one who ordered the public execution of Buid et Debonaire and took over the nation after the fact. She made two nations join the republic using diplomacy and religion but due to her failures she was poisoned by her successor five years later.
  • Deirma II: A religious extremists that destroyed many democratic powers granted by her predecessors by installing a theocracy society and enforcing the craziest interpretations of her church's doctrine. She was killed less than a year later by a mob afraid of a repeat of the Cataclysm of Rorolark after she tried banning all other ramaldian religions.
  • Ralvan IV: A Illuminaire that was too afraid to act after the violent death of their predecessor. He abdicated after ruling for seven years.
  • Raska V: A Illuminaire that was also too afraid to act after the violent death of Deirma II. She died of old age three years later.
  • Donuis: Like his predecessors he was too afraid of destroying the status quo to the point of going to refuse the joining of the jungle section to the republic. However a vision from the ramaldian gods Salva and Styon forced him to action, accepting the request for joining, reverting most of Deirma II theocratic rules and appointing his successor. Five years after being appointed Donuis committed suicide by Salva's Mercy, taking any of his responsibilities for his changes to the grave.
  • ...
  • Mardiana IV: The current Illuminaire.

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