The Ideal Dreamlands is the realm of the god Sehkra of the Ramaldian Sphere. It is said that it exists in a higher plane of existence, where true ideas exist.


The Ideal Dreamlands is not a physical world but a world of true and pure ideas, concepts and unbiased perspectives. It can be visited temporarily by dreamers - as mere wisps - while those that die while dreaming become wisps permanently. Clerics of Sehkra can access this realm by merely closing their eyes.

The realm at its basest form takes the shape of an infinite, cloud filled sky (both during night, dawn, day, dusk and twilight) with each cloud being a dream or a simulation of a reality. Dream Ether can be extracted from these clouds and its inhabitants.

In this realm all interactions are freed from the corruption of physical existence and their distorted ideas, as things in the dreamlands are what they truly mean without duplicity of meaning or alternate interpretations. As such there isn't sensorial information or intent being transmitted through communications. The citizens of the Jebrakian Republic in the modern era consider it the realm of escapism and imagination where one can escape from the real world into a fake imagined world beyond.

Inhabitants and MaterialsEdit

  • Dreaming Wisps: Avatars of the dreaming and the dead that inhabit or visit the realm.
  • Nerelaven: Singularities of true conceptual existence that guide the realm.

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