Classification Family:Nertrad
Sub-race: Blodtørstigorder,
Täjaran, Thaman
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 80 years
Height 1.65 m
Weight 70kg
 Humans are a race of sapient creatures native to the northern continent of Täjara, where for an unknown period of time preceding the rise of the Holy Täjaran Empire they lived in small villages or nomadic tribes, culturally and societally stunted by frequent harassment by the continent's population of Great Lizards. Since the end of the so-called Dragon Age and the rise of the Täjaran Empire, Human civilization has grown to cover almost all of the continent, as well as spreading to other lands.


The human is in appearance a bipedal creature with smooth, brownish skin varying in color across a narrow spectrum. In addition to two powerful legs suited especially well to sprinting after prey, the human has two flexible and articulate arms sprouting from the top of an elongated fleshy plate or 'torso,' each terminating in a remarkably dextrous hand with four fingers and one opposable thumb. A spinal column extends from the pelvis, located at the intersection of the two legs and the base of the torso, past the two arms and into the short, fleshy 'neck,' where it joins with the human's head. The head's shape is principally defined by the skull, a bony shield encasing the human's brain, itself enveloped by the same smooth skin which covers the human's entire body. Orifices in the skull and skin allow interface for most of the human's sensory organs, including two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a single mouth.

Humans are typically hairless, excepting upon their scalp and pubic areas.

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