The Hounds of Rage are the divine spirits of the Ramaldian deity of rage, Malvar, that inhabit the Fireheart. They were created long ago to serve as its warhounds during wartimes. Nowadays they either work towards suppressing rage of the god together with the Firehearted or help spreading it by supporting the more insidious sects of the Cult of Malvar. They are considered the monstrous beasts of impeccable fury.


The Hounds of Rage are monstrous quadruped creatures with characteristics of wolves, big cats and bears. They have a thick red and black fur that can have various patterns like stripped, dotted or plain. They also have horns of all types on their hears. They have a whip-like tail made of their exposed bone spine. They are big enough to be used as mounts. Their flesh beneath the fur looks like its made of magma. Each of them has between two and six pure white eyes.

To rise in their rank these spirits must fuse their bodies together, granting them a significant increase in size and an extra tail and head. They can fuse further with another hound to turn into a three-headed monster of battle and rage.


All Hounds of Rage are able to use the following powers:

  • Magma Jaws: When their jaws are clutched down on something these hounds begin to regurgitate magma.
  • Malvar's Breath: Can summon the burning breath of the rage god into the world covering the area in very thick ashes.
  • Scars of the Beast: Any wounds caused by a Hound of Rage creates permanent scars only removable by some of the most powerful magics and prayers.

Additionally mid-ranked Hounds can use the following abilities:

  • Magma Spit: They can spit an orb of divine magma from Fireheart.
  • Curse of the Berseker: Curses a being with tremendous strength and an extra resistance to pain, at the expense of their ability to think and inability to control their rage.
  • Fireheart Ascension: A ritual that turns a dead sapient being into a Fireheart.

Additionally higher-ranked hounds can also use the following abilities:

  • Screamer Howl: An incredibly sudden and loud howl that stops any action by hostiles while accelerating the actions of friends.
  • Glare of Domination: The eyes of the Hounds curse those that look directly at them to submit to the will of these creatures.

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