Honshar was an Oni clan which surfaced during the period of the Five Empires. It grew inside Pheria lands until its agents were able to undermine the Pheria Empire. In an alliance with Tsingor the Honshar dismantled Pheria and proclaimed their own Honshar Empire on most of their lands 766 years ago.

Later Honshar Emperors started showing ambitions to unite all the Oni Empires and under rule of Tyrgon the Great , the plans started being brought to life. Honshar inherited the rule of the Dashi Empire, quickly destroyed their former ally Tsingor and and engaged Roana in a long and bloody war. In 474, the Oni Empires were officially united under Honshar's banner. Although the following Emperors proceeded to brandish Honshar family name, the unified Empire was no longer using the name officially.

With the Imperial Family's death fifty years ago, there are no known pure Honshars left. Their distant relatives, Dashi-Honshar continue to rule the remaining Empire on Dashi lands.