Hobgoblins - The Packs: Hobgoblins were born with the cataclysm with the intelligence of a sapient being with none of the finesse, unable to speak or create but able to reutilize and destroy. They are untameable wild beasts forming intelligent packs around protecting the hobgoblin females, which many goblins find strange since all hobgoblins are sterile to other hobgoblins. They reproduce by kidnapping and raping goblins, with most childs of these unions being hobgoblins. Many of these packs can be found spread around the continent of Jebrak but since 50 years ago they have started to appear all over the world.

Originally Hobgoblins only had the characteristics of volcanic goblins, but as they started to spread all other goblin characteristics have begun to appear in all hobgoblins packs, independent of distance were the first hobgoblin with that characteristic was born. Most Goblins find this extremely strange and worrying, almost like a divine force was conspiring against them.