Hermit Cleric
Type Faith/Charm
Attributes Willpower and Wisdom.
Power type Mind Domain
Armour type Clerical Clothing
Trinkets Icon
Solitude heals all wounds! - a chant used at the end of each private sermon.

Hermit Clerics are a class of priests profoundly dedicated to the deity Sehkra. These clerics maintain the spiritual stability with extreme hermit-like doctrine and do the burial rites of the refuge.



The 5th child of the Ice Queen decided to dedicate his entire family to the worship of the god Sehkra, creating this order of clerics which slowly changed society into semi-hermitage.

Becoming oneEdit

Be a descendant of the 5th child of the Ice Queen.


The Hermit's God name is to never be uttered. Social interactions are to be rejected. Homes must be outwardly similar to the all houses in the Refuge. Corpses shall be frozen in the poses of the deceased's desire. Corpses shall only rest in the Halls of the Dead. Try to reach the Ideal Dreamlands of the Hermit God while sleeping.



Skills Description
Clerical Clothing Can wear clerical clothing normally carrying Sehkra's iconography
Mind Faith Can use divine powers of the Mind domain.
Sehkra Faith Specializes in the the faith of Sehkra.
Icon Can wear Icons of Sehkra.


Abilities Description
Will of the Corpse Transforms the corpse into a statue of itself.
Loneliness of the Mind A blessing that purifies mental and physical illnesses as long as the blessed is kept alone.

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