Centuries ago a group of Blodtorstigor raiders were exiled by their kinsmen. They had grown into a vile sort, having resorted to the worst of villainies. Canibalism, trophies made from their victims, mutilation, abuse and worse against any and all, women and children. None were spared their deranged pleasures, which infuriated the leaders of the Blodtorstigor who tried to destroy them. The vile raiders barely survived the purge and became independent raiders of all the seas of Solcu. In time they allied with other exiled murderers and psychopaths, forming a huge networks of crime and murder throughout all of Solcu. Smuggling, slave trade, piracy, assassinations, nothing was too vile for the raiders that would name themselves the Grimwater Raiders. The worst came about when they joined forces with the largest syndicate of stale elves and exile dwarves, the Greypatch triad. Lead by Greypatch the beardless, a deranged imperial dwarf who had converted to the Trinity of Shadows. All civilised nations and empires of the world has put a high price on the raiders, seeking their end though so far the raiders have eluded it all, striking out from hidden covens and islands on all continents. 500 years ago they launched a massive attack on the wind elven city of Landsluss. When the elven and human defenders finally pushed back the vile raiders had half the city been put to the torch, many tens of thousands murdered or carried off to become slaves, food or worse.


Many vile scum have lead the many arms of the raiders. Wind elves, jungle elves, leprechauns, dwarves, humans, goblins and ogres, all races and species can be found amongst them and anyone strong and vile enough can climb the ranks. The triad section of the raiders are different though. Greypatch and his shadowy right hand have lead the triad for more than 500 years. It was their plan to raid Landluss. Greypatch the Beardless have lived several dwarven life times. A sworn thrall of the vampire god, blessed with his gifts. With the apprearence of a walking corpse, the ghoulish dwarf feasts only on the flesh of living children, their youth keeping his old carcass from rotting. His right hand inspire even more fear. Rahldemar, a stale elf of schwarzkronen ancestry. He is rumored to have lived for over a millennium, a gift from his lord, Asmodis. It was he who converted Greypatch to the Trinity, though why he was content with following the dwarf is a great mystery.

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