The Goblin Empire is the old empire of the Goblins that conquered most of Jebrak. Its capital was the city of Rorolark. The empire fell 150 years ago due to awakening of the god Malvar in the event known as the Cataclysm of Rorolark.


The population just before the fall of the empire to the Cataclysm of Rorolark



The goblin empire enslaved many races with very few rules to regulate how slavery worked. With very few goblins many goblins saw to themselves to improve the races by controlling who the slaves will breed with, creating a sort of Eugenics Program. The only absolute rule was that all slaves were forced to forget all about their religions of old and forced to worship the Ramaldian Sphere, which often included mind wiping, separation of children and parents and proselytizing.

The races enslave by the goblin empire were:

  • Aldash: The Aldash were put to work on heavy labour and carrying supplies. Their size and intelligence were increased by the empire eugenics programs.
  • Kramatak: Prized for their speed the Kramatak were mostly enslaved for mails and farming.
  • Royal Mountain Dragons: Were kept imprisioned for their strange connection to their father, the Mountain King.
  • Runaok: The Runaok enslaved by the empire would suffer a eugenics programs whose descendants would turn out to be the Aldash. Very few Runaok survived this program, but those who managed to do so were kept as exotic pet, proving the worth of their owner.
  • Sanguimin: Most of the enslaved Sanguimin were used either for cleaning or archivist duties due to their unique capability. Some were used in more dangerous place to deal with unstable experiments.
  • Shamaldian: The Shamaldians like the Aldash were mostly used for heavy labour. The goblins tried to stamp out the tendency for solitude, but failed leaving the Shamaldians with more colourful shells and conflictual instincts.
  • Sinferi: Deemed as a race born of sin by the goblin empire, they were put to work as proselytizing slaves. However most goblins saw them as a trophy pets and kept collections of each incarnation.
  • Terrorbone Wyverns: Due to their scary aspect they were mostly kept to guard dungeons or graveyards.
  • Fiectiries: Due to the late nature of Fiectire slavery, the empire only used them from minor labours.