Glacier Harvester
Type Craft/Friend
Attributes Stamina and Intelligence
Power type Tools
Armour type Clothing
Trinkets Craft Book
I HATE GLACIERS! - an exclamation often heard by many harvesters.

Glacial Harvesters are the providers and craftsmen of the Tarkanciel's Refuge. They are the only few able to extract resources from such glacial environments.


Glacial Harvesters are the basis that provides the basic resources for the society of the glacial nation. They fulfill a vast myriad of jobs from: plucking the Nectar Ice of the Tarkanciels tree, collecting the the wax, honey and silk of the Chill Bothee, capturing and collecting mature Chill Clams and Chill Spidercrabs, mining in Barthalda, deep sea fishing and glaciar mining and how to creaft all of these into useful objects. They can have vast amounts of scientific knowledge on various scientific and practical topics.


When the Ice Queen, Tarkanciel, created the refuge she also taught many of his children to provide food from the creatures and plants she created. However with the advancement of time the descendants found a sudden need for more resources like minerals and the fishes of the depths and so this class had to learn how to survive in the depths.

Becoming oneEdit

To become one you just need to have a basic education and be a citizen of the Tarkanciel's Refuge.



Skills Description
Clothing Can wear clothing normally made from the silk of the Bolhee.
Tools Can wield a varied amount of tools used in crafting and extraction.
Craft Book Carry around books with various crafting recipes.
Depth Resistance Can resist much of the pressures from the depths.
Cold Resistance Can resist much of the terrible cold of the glacial seas.
Master Crafts Can do most of the crafts, like alchemy, mining, fishing, smiting, weaving, farming and cooking.


Abilities Description
Colddeep Dive Dive into the cold depths of glacial seas.
Stab Stab with a crafting knife.
Frost Ground Throws a potion on the ground that quickly freezes it and makes it slippery.
Escape A vulnerable class is more focused on how to escape an attack.

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