Forest goblin
Classification Family:Bryokra
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 60 years
Height 1.25 m
Weight 40 kg
Nations Republic of Jebrak

Forest goblins are a sub-race of goblins that have been Mortrodis forests, Ruthesband hills and what would late be known as the Kilthan wastes of Jebrak long before the time of the Goblin Empire.


Forest goblin skin can range from light green to greens shades and are the most average of all goblins in terms of intellect and strength. They have a lot of hair that usually ranges from shades brown-blonde-red, with a good amount spread all around their bodies specially in the face and scalp which can grow very long.

Their sizes are of average size and are coloured green-blue-brown, while their ears are the longest of all goblin sub-races with more spikes than any other goblin sub-race. Their canines are smaller than the average. They are know to be reliable and loyal, but often come of as short sighted with their plans.


Recorded history of the Ice and Forest goblins starts with a bunch of nations uniting hundreds of years ago to form the Goblin Empire becoming one of the largest nations in Jebrak of the time. This empire would eventually conquer most of Jebrak and enslaved the wild myriad of races found in Jebrak.

After conquering the Rumbadian marshes, the capital had a enormous military parade that ended in disaster after the god Malvar was denied of his tribute and started the Cataclysm of Rorolark, turning the core of the empire into a volcanic wasteland. Without a centralized government the Ice and Forest goblins around the Ketre Sea separated into different nations each ruled by a noble family that would become a new monarch trying to restore the destroyed empire and warred with each other for such claims.


  • Goblin Empire: The Forest goblins helped found the Goblin Empire and were one of the largest populations in it.
  • Republic of Jebrak: A lot of the Forest goblins were found in other parts of the empire at the moment of the cataclysm, specially in the Seylinn Sands. So when the Republic was found they remained within.