Feral Troll
Classification Race: Troll
Sub-race: Feral Troll
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 60 years
Height 1.82-2.43 m (6-8 feet)
Weight 136-181 kg(300-400 lbs)
Characters Gorm the Warlord

If one were to describe the Feral Trolls of Solcu in one word, it would be hungry. Lacking the magic-saturated environments of their cousins, the City Trolls, these savage creatures compensate by lurking near former holy areas, scavnging off lost artifacts, and devouring any hapless adventurer that wanders too close. 


The innate aptitude for magic all Trolls posess has been warped and stunted by an absence of sufficent ambient sources to draw power from, twisting their body and mind, and granting unnatural powers of regeneration. Both sexes are bald, and posses massive eyebrows.  Males are covered in a thick coarse body hair, and have unibrows. 

A Feral Troll will stand anywhere from 6 to 8 feet high, depending on how well it's fed. It's entirely possible for one to gain several inches of hight just from devouring a potent magic charm, and lose it over several days of starvation. 

By most races standards, Feral Trolls would be considered obese. This thick layer of fat masks well developed muscles, however, and a suprising amount of speed. Many an elf or dwarf has learned not to taunt a troll from a distance. 

Their skin is light green and greasy. This is due to their bodies not being fully able to digest the myriad things Feral Trolls will consume, and so it exudes the toxins out of the skin, forming a thick layer of grease and muck. This 'Troll Sweat', as it's been called, is highly sought after by alchemists as a reagent. 


Feral Trolls are in constant pain, and this heavily obscures their thought. They're most lucid after a meal, and can be quite cunning at times. This pain comes from their hunger for magical energy; Cases have been found of wizards kept in crude cages in order to provide a magic field for powerfull Feral Trolls to feed off of. 

A few notable researchers have noted that when deprived of sustenance for extended periods of time, a Feral Troll won't starve to death. Instead, it becomes increasingly unhinged, until in a fit of screaming and anger, it tries to eat itself. This usually results in the death of said Troll. 


After the great shattering of the Trollish Empire Alliance, pockets of survivors were left scattered across the globe. These Trolls were forced into savagery, and survived the only way they could. Eventually, the Trolls forgot about their past, and most accepted their lot. Since then, not much has changed, other then the occasional attempt at genocide by the local ruling power, or the formation of a horde by some Trollish Warlord.