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Erakni, Herald of Destiny, by ChrisBjors

The most ancient legends of the Ukrin'daram date back as far as the era when they were just the primitives Ath dwelling in the eastern corner of the would be Täjara; in such legends, it is said that thousands of years prior to the invasion of the world by Those from Below the sky was shattered and the world turned asunder when the Great Creators underwent a great war against other species. At that time the Ath were too primitives to understand what truly happened and their legends simply said that their Father disappeared below the earth.

It was only a thousand year before the end of the Age of Myth that the Ath discovered what had happened of their Father; in the Sprawling Caverns, Kor ra Ath and his people discovered the powerful dae'vha trapped and tortured by Those from Below. They fought in the darkness and managed to free Erakni but the ancient one was at the verge of becoming a Dum. Because of this, his own body was twisted, losing his two upper arms, almost reverting to the corrupting form of the Primordial Giants.

At that time, almost all the knowledge that the Ath had of the Great Creators was almost lost so they didn't understand that they had discovered their long lost Father. But Erakni remembered and when he saw his precious children dying alongside him he managed to grasp to his sanity and helped destroying Those from Below. He then led the Ath to the Slumbering Deeps were the Records of the Ashendants rested and where the Monster-Gods slept in their dreamless state.

Erakni then departed to heal himself believing that the defeat of his species millennia ago was the proof of their wrongdoings. He settled in what his now one of the most sacred place of Kaarad : the Spear of Destiny, a huge stalagmite facing the stalactite where the Kaaradi carved Galagrön. It is believed that the Herald of Destiny will exit his Spear when the time will come to destroy the Gods of Terror and their Slaves once and for all.

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