The northern empire of humanity. Täjara is ruled jointly by the Emperor of the Realm and the Magister of the Gods and controls much of the continent to which it gave its name, though over the last two thousand years its pride and strength have withered beneath elven aggression and internal corruption.

Early HistoryEdit

The imperial history of Täjara began with the death of the marauding dragon Skarxikaus at the hands of Visja, a warrior of the original mountain village of Täjara. Emboldened by the dragon's defeat, Visja rallied the soldiers of the nearby villages to join Täjara on a crusade to end the reign of terror then instated by large populations of Great Lizards across the continent. Eventually successful, the Täjaran Alliance was formally declared the Holy Täjaran Empire, under the divine rule of Imperial Magister Visja.

Upon the death of Visja I, rulership of the Holy Empire was divided between his son, Emperor Danyo, and the first Magister Sanyu. The hereditary title of Emperor of the Realm and the elected title of Magister of the Gods have commanded the Empire ever since.


The Täjaran pantheon consists of five Chiefs and a multitude of lesser spirits. The five Chiefs are Heshna the Elephant, Tiam the Tiger, Anansi the Spider, Sept the Owl and Täj the King. These figures encompass the general spheres of defense, attack, cunning, wisdom and justice respectively.

The Magisterium serves alongside the secular Empire as the governing body of all spiritual and religious matters. This organization consists of five subordinate Churches, each of which follows and communes with one of the five Chiefs. The Magister of the Gods is always selected from the Church of Täj, which also serves as a governing and overarching structure to the other four.

Imperial GuardEdit

The Täjaran Imperial Guard serves the Emperor directly and consists of three separate companies: the Crimson Guard, the Black Guard and the Golden Guard. Together, they protect the Emperor's person and interests.