Elementals are the sentient manifestations of the natural (and unnatural in certain cases) world. Taking on the form of wild animals specific to the regions they inhabit, Elementals are incredibly powerful, and hold absolute domain over their realm. 

Forest ElementalsEdit

Known in come cultures as "Old men of the woods", Forest Elementals are often found in the shape of a giant sloth. They possess rough barklike skin covered in thick layers of moss and algae. This layer of plantlife plays host to an incredible number of flowers, bugs, and small birds and rodents. They have long arms and short legs with large curving claws at the end. 

Forest Elementals are slow to anger, and incredibly forgiving. However, they will stop at nothing to protect their forest, regardless of the cost. 

Desert ElementalsEdit

Rarely seen, and even more rarely survived, Desert Elementals are among the most vicous out of their kin. Usually shaped like a great golden-scaled Serpent, Desert Elementals are usually hostile to any intruders in their land. There have been examples of these creatures being sated by large offerings and sacrifices though. 

Desert Elementals have a large rattler at the end of their tail, and massive fangs dripping with potent venom. This venom can cause crippling pain and a slow, agonizing death over 2-3 days. 

Plains ElementalsEdit

Aloof and uncaring, Plains Elementals are found in the vast empty expanses of the world. They soar above them in the form of huge black birds, with wings that blot out the sun. Plains Elementals crackle with electricity and leave storm clouds in their wake. Their beaks are sable, and nearly unbreakable. 

Plains Elemental feathers are sought after for the incredible energy stored within them. Each one contains a raging storm, and can be utilized to great effect.