The Earthpride is a pride of feline-like earth elementals, consisting of two types of creature: Earthpride Warriors and the Earthpride Manes. This pride is a terrifying threat to all sapient beings and earth elementals that normally dwells in the Panthera's Den. They only leave the den to hunt earth elementals and foul them with their breaths into Earthpride Warriors or attacking settlements for the flesh of sapients(they tend to ignore Crag Goblin settlements because they treat cats well).

The Warriors, beige dirt elementals, have very little will and are only able to act when under the will of one of the Manes, Great Beasts created by the World's Lindwurm each one representing a species of panthera and a type of earth. They often going out in small groups to attack settlements or hunt for new earth elementals to add to the Earthpride. Their home is filled with various species of Panthera and they bring the flesh of the sapients to feed them. All of the manes have sucessfully been killed one time or another but they always seem to return. When the Pride Warriors die they leave behind Earthpride Soil and the Pride Manes leave behind Earthpride Stone and a pair of Eyes of the Pride.

The Great Beasts that rule this pride are:

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