Dragon Souls are the souls of true dragons that sleep at the Peak of the World. A dragon soul appears as the sleeping body of a dragon, not as they were in life, but as an idealized and greater version of themselves. Those that witness the soul see it as awe-inspiring creature that will change the watcher's very nature for the better.

While they will never awake from their slumber, some followers of the Word of the Dragon have found a way to bring them to Solcu, giving suggestions to the sleeping mind so its mythic body can be manipulated into their service. The Soul Thief is known to frequently come to the peak and steal the dragon souls and replace them with cheaper souls. She does this so she can sell them to highest bidder.

To become a Dragon Soul, the deceased as to be considered a true dragon. While nobody is completely sure, some of the possible requirements to become are:

  • The soul of an actual dragon. But not all dragons have dragons souls.
  • Creatures that have earned the title or name of Dragon.
  • Creatures that had the potential for dragon-like awe-inspiring greatness.

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