Classification Family:Vardraks
Sub-race:Firebrood, Thunderbrood
Shape winged humanoid
Lifespan 140 years
Height 2.10 m
Weight 50-70 kg
Nations Mist's Edge Sanctum

The Dracon are humanoid dragons, standing over 2 meter tall on average. Once upon a time, after the end of the Age of Myth, their kind could be found all over Solcu, their breeds as numerous as the  colours themselves. In the past they were a cruel race, subjugating other mortal races whom they considered inferior. Their greater kin, the drakes, dragons and wyrms, terrorised their surroundings, foremost on the Täjara continent.

That would all end as the humans rose to power, hunting the great dragons with fervor.  The dracon realised too late the error of their ways and tried to negotiate with the humans but the humans were relentless in their hatred for dragonkind. They exterminated every dragon or dracon they could find until the dracon of Mist's Edge Sanctum colony found themselves alone, their messages sent to others of their kin unanswered. They used their mastery of fire and water magic to conceal their small sliver of land north of the Dragon mountains, a mountain range which still had many dragons. For millennia threy hid in their sanctum, fearing the day the murderous humans would find them and slaughter every last male, female or hatchling.

Their isolation ended when the Wind elven explorer Vandenar Stahlschmidt and his expedition fleet by accident pierced the misty veils which concealed their sanctum. Fearing that doom had finally found them, the adults armed themselves and prepared a final stand. To their great surprise the eccentric elf came alone and unarmed to talk to them, driven by his great curiosity. From that moment a great friendship grew between the dracon and the wind elves, the dracon deciding to once again become part of the world. Many of them travelled to Windland, intrigued by the society of their elven friends. More than a thousand Dracon permanently resides in Sturnstadt, on a small corner of the grounds of the Universität die Magie.

The Dracon of Mist's Edge Sanctum are the last Dracon known to exists. They're of the fire breed, their scales, plumes and wings coloured in all the hues of red.