Desert goblin
Classification Family:Bryokra
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 60 years
Height 1.15 m
Weight 35 kg
Nations Republic of Jebrak

Desert goblins are a sub-race of goblins that have been on Aloese, Seylinn and Idrya deserts of Jebrak long before the time of the Goblin Empire.


Desert goblins are one of the most populous and average races of the modern age, with average strength, intelligence, eye size, hair quantity, with only their ears being slightly longer and their canines slightly smaller. Their skin can go from light yellow to light brown, but tend to tan very easily looking darker than it really is.

Their eyes tend to be coloured blue-green-red and their hair grey-brown-black, only having short hair on the scalp, that they need to spend a lifetime to turn into a ponytail, facial hair grows only on the chin and body hair only growing on the arms, chest, legs and pubic area. They are extremely reliable and forgiving, but also very pious.


The Desert goblins were always an united race and when the Goblin Empire promised unification of the continent they quickly joined the newborn empire. With the conquest came new morals and slowly over time slavery was allowed for other non-goblin races, turning something they found disgusting into something they were eager to explore the labour provided by removing their formers friends freedoms. Over time desert goblins became one of the most slave-reliant sections of the empire, but many of the populace was still against this and found many loopholes to help these races. A problem that the rest of the empire would've eventually brutally solved in not for the Cataclysm of Rorolark.

When the empire fell the desert goblins never forgot the empire's promise and founded the republic from its ashes. Now they banned slavery and sought to reconnect with the rebellious former slave nations and race in order to restore the empire in a new and better nation, with justice, freedom and equality for all beings. Eventually they became the core of this new nation and even trough they haven't conquered Jebrak they want to conquer the entire world into their nation and their faith.


  • Goblin Empire: The Desert goblins were a member of the Goblin Empire and a major economic power in it.
  • Republic of Jebrak: The Desert goblins are the founding race of this grand nation.