A list of the gods of Solcu, with the very specific Gods belonging to one Pantheon and those who are worshipped by multiple civilizations, albeit with different names and avatars.

Archetype DeitiesEdit

Some deities may fulfill a archetype in many different and unrelated deities.

Spider Rage Dragon Lust Justice

List of DeitiesEdit

List of Deities
Pantheon Name Titles Domains Organizations Related Articles
Ancient-Gods of the Ath Dura'turakas Great Bilious Wyrm
Farseer in the Dreams
Destruction, Dreams, Hope, Fortitude, Hunger
Ancient-Gods of the Ath Gänagralda All-Mother
Queen of the Ever-Sky
Sky, Joy, Compassion, Harvest,Fertility
Ancient-Gods of the Ath Nuam'uamre Earth-Father
He Who Brought Life
Rock, Earth, Underworld, Origin
Ancient-Gods of the Ath Surkadal Prince of Lies
Deceiving Spider
Lies, Manipulations, Secrets, Lore
Ancient-Gods of the Ath Tuam Hunter in Shadows
He Who Hunts
Patience, Hunt, Cunning, Stealth, Decisiveness
Ashtari Pantheon Amatera She who Nurtures
Mother Earth
Fertility, Parenthood, Love, Compassion, Growth, Cultivation, Earth
Ashtari Pantheon Artise Huntress
Winter Queen
Wilds, Beasts, Hunting, Ranged martial skill, Frost, Winter
Ashtari Pantheon Bhasr Shaper
Crafting, Engineering, Architecture, Forging
Ashtari Pantheon Heliset Lady of the Night Death, Darkness, Night, Mourning
Ashtari Pantheon Isuria She Who Seeks All Knowing Knowledge, Magic, Mystery, Secrets, Study, Intellect, Wisdom
Ashtari Pantheon Loraeis Weaver of Words,
Sounds and Colours
Music, Art, Poetry, Entertainment, Intoxication
Ashtari Pantheon Magnis Fireheart
Lord of Battle
Summer King
Rage, Passion, Strength, Melee martial skill, Vengeance, Fire, Summer
Ashtari Pantheon Mohira She Who Holds The Dice
Lady Fortune
Lady of Lust
Lust, Fornication, Seduction, Pleasures, Luck, Subtlety, Trickery
Ashtari Pantheon Rahman Lord of Light Light, Sky, Day, Heavens, Stars, Air
Ashtari Pantheon Zethus Thunderlord Honour, Courage, Justice, Retribution, Lightning
Court of Amravati Mohini Sura Beguiling One Deception, Illusion, Truth, Lies, Revealations.
Court of Amravati Neithsri Sura She Who Crosses The Web Messages, Rumours, Hearsay.
Court of Amravati Seteshka Asura Empress of Duat Matron, Motherhood, Birth, Death, Magic, Night, Darkness, Mysteries, Secrets.
Court of Amravati Vritra Apepophis Sura He Who Burns The Wind Dragons, Serpents, Drought, Deserts, Sand and Dust.
Chiefs of Täjara Anansi Spider
Breaker of Chains
Laughing One
Cheater of Cheaters
Defiance, Change, Storytelling, Beauty, Sun
Chiefs of Täjara Heshna Elephant
Warden of Wardens
War, Diplomacy, Sanctuary, Strength to Survive
Chiefs of Täjara Sept Owl
Teacher of Teachers
Wisdom, Learning, Unknown, Moons
Chiefs of Täjara Täj King
Master of Masters
Justice, Life, Death, Permanence, Stars
Chiefs of Täjara Tiam Tiger
Hunter of Hunters
War, Violence, Strength to Destroy
Dena Belo Masked One
Death, Darkness, Fear, Truth, Water
Dena Echad Wisp Father
Bringer of Days
Light, Sun, Serenity, Honor, Fire
Dena Karr Defender
War, Blood, Strength, Courage, Earth
Dena Miac Bringer of Life
Mother of the Harvest
Life, Moons, Wisdom, Wild, Wind
Monster-Gods of Kaarad Kalan'fuelak Dark Flame
Grim Princess
Keeper of the newborns and Home
Mutilation, Sacrifice, Arrogance, Maternity, Protection
Monster-Gods of Kaarad Koraal Bloody Crone
Queen of Fury
Fury, Carnage, Violence, Unity, Honour, Promise
Monster-Gods of Kaarad Mandar'marli Forge Master
Walking Horror
Forge, Crafting, Horror, Disgust
Monster-Gods of Kaarad Sta'geshal Dark Elder
Magic, Soul-trapping, Hatred, Wisdom, Writing, Knowledge
Monster-Gods of Kaarad Shal'vrral Unholy Child
He who bring Peace
Death, Poison, Murder, Compassion, Love, Mercy
Ramaldian Sphere Amada Merciful Lady
Mother of all Ailments
Earl of Life
Consort of Salva
Life; Healing, Fertility, Affliction Church of the Merciful Lady
Ramaldian Sphere Ava and Lao Twin Consorts
Ambassadors of Lust
Envoys of Seduction
Mind; Lust, Friendship, Romance Church of the Late Day Seductors
Ramaldian Sphere Baron Lukersville Baron of Fear and Pain
Father of the Undead
Lord of the Lukersville Manor
Agent of Growth
Strife; Fear, Growth, Undeath Cult of Terror
Ramaldian Sphere Cwivel Plague of Kirkinid Life; Plague, Torment, Pest Cult of Plague
Ramaldian Sphere Malvar Destroyer of Rorolark
Prisoner in Fireheart
Nemesis from Magma
Father of Barbarianism
Strife; Rage, Volcanic, War Cult of Rage
Order of Malvar
Ramaldian Sphere Mazdra Hunter of Our World World; Aim, Hunt, Patience Church of Our World
Circle of the World Hunter
Ramaldian Sphere Molreque Farmer of Our World World; Crops, Herds, Perseverance Church of Our World
Church of Our Harvest
Ramaldian Sphere Myogosmia God from Another Sphere
Eye of New Perspectives
Ruler of the Ramaldian Sphere
Enigma; Unknown, Preservation, Innovation Pilgrims of the Cosmic Path
Ramaldian Sphere Peyloros Archivist of Lives Mind; Word, Knowledge, Communication Order of Peyloros
Ramaldian Sphere Reilchwa Mummy of Zertonis Life; Famine, Necessity, Burden Cult of Famine
Ramaldian Sphere Salkave Sea Lord of Monsters World; Monster, Humility, Sea Circle of Sea Monsters
Ramaldian Sphere Salva Radiant Lady
Grand Ruler of the Ramaldian Sphere
Mind; Light, Inspiration, Art Church of the Radiant Lady
Ramaldian Sphere Sehkra Dreamer of the Ideal World
God of Hermits
Sleeping Monarch
Desolate Wanderer
The one in the Box
Mind; Sleep, Solitude, Dream Sole Dreamers
Hermit Cleric
Ramaldian Sphere Shoul Blood Templar
Archangel of Legacy
Former Grand Ruler of the Ramaldian Sphere
Law; Blood, Tradition, Honour Order of Shoul
Ramaldian Sphere Soul Thief Thief of Souls
Lives Barterer
Self-Proclaimed Lady of Mercenaries
Agent of Freedom
Strife; Crime, Trade, Freedom Circle of the Anarch
Ramaldian Sphere Styon Guardian of Unbelievers Enigma; Unbelief, Truth, Void Styon-touched
Ramaldian Sphere Tachula Lady of the Blue Moon Law; Peace, Wealth, Moon Order of Tachula
Ramaldian Sphere Vnaldra Executioner of Sam-Laha Law; Pain, Regret, Punishment Cult of Pain
Ramaldian Sphere Vuldorol Harpy of Jerm'lod Enigma; Insanity, Anxiety, Psychedelic Cult of Madness
Ramaldian Sphere World's Lindwurm Grandcestor of Dragons and Beasts
Spine of the World
Primordial Essence
Agent of Greatness
Master of the Lindwurms
World; Origin, Mountain, Essence Word of the Dragon
Ramaldian Sphere Zussi Prince of Poison
Marquis of Mutation
Heir of the Thrones of Light and Life
Ruler of the Ramaldian Sphere
Life; Poison, Medicine, Mutation Circle of the New Druids
Era'thoran Pantheon Ahn'si Changebringer Change, Chaos, Doom
Era'thoran Pantheon As'lar Erea Green Lady of the Forest Wild, Hunt, Independence
Era'thoran Pantheon Cetus Righteous One Air, Justice, Persistence
Era'thoran Pantheon Daur'on Arhal Great Serpent of the Skies Dragons, Bipolarity
Era'thoran Pantheon Enhal Sir'el Maiden of Gentle Voice Music, Arts, Creativity
Era'thoran Pantheon Eshka Lady of the Night Darkness, Night, Dusk, Destruction
Era'thoran Pantheon Magvar Burning Heart Fire, Passion, Battle
Era'thoran Pantheon Maht Lord of the Day Light, Day, Dawn, Creation
Era'thoran Pantheon Maira Beguiling Heart Water, Love, Fertility
Era'thoran Pantheon Thena She of the Fertile Womb Earth, Wisdom, Motherhood
Trinity of Shadows Arianrhod Spider
She who is Hatred
Hatred, Murder, Betrayal, Greed, Envy
Trinity of Shadows Asmodis Lord of Chains
Vampire God
Undeath, Slavery, Madness, Oppression
Trinity of Shadows Shalangesh Shaper of Flesh
Fungal Master
The one that exhales plagues
Fungi, Cancer, Rot, Illness, Unnatural Growth
Unborn Gods Zaekus He who Sleeps Light, Future, Justice, Freedom

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