Dashi was one of the ancient Oni clans which date back before known history. Around 1200 years before present, their rule on northern Oni lands was consolidated, albeit not without competition with Aruga. After Aruga was significantly weakened by Roana, Dashi destroyed the remaining part of the clan in 812.

Dashi remained as one of the four Oni Empires, often termed "the Northern Empire". Six centuries ago, Dashi entered close dynastic ties with the Honshar and in 498 BP Dashi was officially annexed by them. Descendants of their mixed bloodline remained as a powerful noble family within the unified Oni Empire as Dashi-Honshar family. When, centuries later, an Ogre Revolution destroyed the holdings of the Imperial Family, the distant descendant of the Dashi, Kark Dashi-Honshar was crowned the new Oni Emperor, still holding the lands approximating the ancient borders of Dashi.