The Damhains is the largest leprechaun trading cartel, formed almost a thousand years ago, and has often been in business with the Dharlic Triumvirate. The Damhains has long controlled the trading going on between the isles of the Dharlic tribes, and has over the years reached cultures even beyond the continent of Durad. In recent years the Damhains has faced several conflicts with the marauding pirates and thieves of the seas, and has to rely more and more on aid from the Triumvirate.

Total numbers - 3,500

Notable membersEdit

Art Barayn of Hairh: The founder of the Damhains trading company. Art Barayn was the cousin of Khan Harig Barayn, one of the first three khans to form the Dharlic Leprekhan Triumvirate. With economical aid from his cousin, Art was able to establish a large network of trading between the islands of the new Dharlic tribes. Art Barayn became very wealthy in his lifetime, and as he passed away his wealth was distributed amongst his Hairhin tribesmen.

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