Cwivel is a deity of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Life and sub-domains of Plague, Torment and Pest. She is the child of Amada and the Baron of the Manor. Her realm is the [[]].


Cwivel is often depicted as a rotting walking corpse with a large bloated belly filled with pus and blood covered in holes where several pests can be found, like rodents, snakes, insects and diseases and some of them are even to be said to be malevolent deities. Despite her looks she is always depicted as nude with saggy breasts, rotten or broken teeth, with an eye that as pooped out of its socket and is hanging in her face. There are maggots in several parts of her body, with the largest coming out of her mouth with a slackened jaw. Both her thumbs and toes are also replaced with maggots. She is always depicted as too rotten to have any racial characteristics, with the only definable being the fact that she is humanoid.

Cwivel and her sister Reilchwa are often considered one of the most evil deities in the Ramaldian Sphere. As such when speaking with her followers she will always have a sardonic tone, cruelly mocking those that beg freedom from her plagues, rarely healing those persons that beg. Even to those that worship her and help spread her plagues she treats them with derision. Some however can break the cruel mask of this deity, once they realise how her plagues prevents stagnancy and overpopulation.


Cwivel is the second youngest child of the Baron and Amada and was raised with his brothers and sisters in the Manor. Even when she was young she already created diseases, befriending the pests hidden in the manor and convincing them to carry her plagues to the world outside. She and Zussi where always bitter rivals, ever since he took her spot as the youngest child and the conflict of their domains. When Vuldorol was born she tried to set her rivalry aside to focus her vindictiveness on the new youngest brother, but after finding out about his insanity, she decided only to do alot of really mean pranks filled with resentment. She learned from watching his cackling fits how to be sardonic. She loved her two older sisters, Cwivel for being her best friend and always supporting her, and Vnaldra for twisting her domain into something better.

When Zussi was revealed to be a bastard child of Amada and Salva, their bitter rivalry grew even more one-sided and destructive. She successfully convinced the rest of her family to become the Blighted Totems in order to get revenge on her half-brother and mother for ending her happy days as a family. They eventually fought in the ???, with Zussi coming out as a victor after he punched her so hard in the head her eye popped out of its socket.



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