The Cult of Rage is a religious group that replaced the Order of Malvar in dealing with worship to the Malvar, the rage god, after he provoked the Cataclysm of Rorolark. Its various branches can't agree on what ideology to follow, often provoking religious conflicts. These are a few examples of the different ideologies the cult follows:

  • Agradian: Believes that Malvar should be bound forever in the Fireheart. They frequently trains and captures warriors so the Hound of Rage can turn them into Firehearted.
  • Nova Agradian: Believes that Malvar has to redeem himself to the rest of the pantheon and control his anger before he can be freed.
  • Hammerites: Believes that Malvar should be freed independently of what he has done so he could lead the goblins to glory again. They constantly invade Fireheart so they can break the seven chains that bound him.
  • Gambadins: Believes that Malvar's own rage is empowered by the rage of the volcanic goblins, and created various pacification ritual to reduce this rage.
  • Serwlak: Believes that Malvar is a hopeless case and prefer to work towards fulfilling the gods last desire, to sire another deity. They have insidious relations with the Southern Witches.

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