Crag goblin
Classification Family:Bryokra
Shape humanoid
Lifespan 60 years
Height 1.50 m
Weight 50 kg
Nations Republic of Jebrak
Nragian Mafia
Eastern Aloese Trade Initiative

Crag goblins are a sub-race of goblins that are mostly found in the Aloese dunes of Jebrak long before the formation of the Goblin Empire.


These goblins are easily know as the stupidest and the strongest of the goblin sub-races, without a single hair in their bodies with lots of fat and muscle while their heads, shoulders, hips, forearms and forelegs are covered in hardened craggy skin. This skin tens to be of a more earthy version of the rest of the clean skin covering their bodies which can go from light brown to dark yellow. Their ears are small when compared to other goblins, but their teeth are same size of other goblins.

They have small eyes with silver-gold-bronze shades and are able to see better in darker environments. Mentally other goblins see them as simple and self-centred enough that they disregard the common society that supports them.


Not much is know of the crag goblins before the old empire except that they were a aggregate of savage tribes that were quickly conquered by the Goblin Empire and one of the great contributions with stupid and strong, but obedient soldiers. Even the smartest of them were considered extremely stupid more focused on their selfish pursuit of money and greed, trough mercantilism or merceniarism, so they had no interest in sending any of their forces to military parades. They remained in what would later be called the Republic of Jebrak until the Buid's slave revolution seeing the anti-noble and anti-slavery statement from Desert goblins being contrary to their selfish pursuits, breaking off into a bunch of self-centred nations.

However as the goblins of the Jungle joined the Republic a new trade opportunity occurred to the ruling families, the north goblins had food the southern ones didn't so they would force the Republic to pay the toll of transferring this food for profit. They eventually blocked the republic supplies from flowing and started skirmishes to make other options harder, including attacking the Mountain Kingdom. They concluded that they couldn't fight the Republic, the Kingdom and themselves and survive so the ruling families reformed they extremely loose alliances into what would later be called the Eastern Aloese Trade Initiative.


  • Goblin Empire: The Crag goblins were a member of the Old Empire of Goblins and were a major military force in it.
  • Nragian Mafia: A burgeoning kleptocracy that has succeed in conquering parts of the Imperial Wall from the Mountain Kingdom
  • Eastern Aloese Trade Initiative: An alliance of crag goblin nations that seeks to profit from forcing the the Republic of Jebrak from paying their toll
  • Republic of Jebrak: Crag goblins always had a passion for mercenary work and a lot of them ended up settling in the Republic.


  • Crag goblins are very fond of cats.