The Cosmos is everything that exists in the Universe of Solcu.

The SystemEdit

The system where Solcu lies. The system has ten worlds and two asteroid belts. Only Solcu can sustain enormours quantities of life the other world are either entirely desolate or have very scarce life.

The StarEdit

A yellow star found at the centre of the system which Solcu orbits around.


The fourth world of the System is Solcu where the setting focus on and the only one where life can be found in abundance.

Solcu has four moons:

Outer CosmosEdit

Not much is know about the Cosmos outside The System, only that there are much stronger forces than those of Solcu. Things like conquering spacefaring empires, diseases that travel from world to world or abominations and outsiders that seek to devour planets and its life.


There are many Realms that can be found partially or completely outside of the Cosmos. Most of them are afterlives created by the gods, others are dimensions hosting various creatures and outsiders.

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