Cold Mage
Type Magic/Craft
Attributes Intelligence and Wisdom
Power type Wands, Cold magic
Armour type Magical Clothing
Trinkets Focus
And by altering these waters with snow magic our long lost youth can be restored. - A passage from "739 magical uses for glacial water"

Cold Mages is a magical class of the followers of the teaching of the Ice Queen. As scholars they do a myriad of jobs to support the Tarkanciel's Refuge. As mages they practice cold magic to improve the refuge.


Besides being the close advisor's of the Frost Prince, essentially being the bureaucracy of the Refuge, they also advise and provide support in mining, glacial breaking and military support.


Most of the children of the Ice Queen were Cold Mages, but as the population grew, there was no time to teach everyone, so only the ones with the most proficiency to magics are invited to become cold mages.

Becoming oneEdit

Having your magical inclination be recognized by the Frost Prince and be invited to the Royal Library to learn how to be a cold mage



Skills Description
Wand Can wield wands to cast magic
Cold Magic Can cast magic associated with the cold element.
Frost Magic Minor school of cold magic which focus on reducing temperature.
Ice Magic Minor school of cold magic which focus on converting liquids into solids.
Snow Magic Minor school of cold magic which focus on the manipulation of molecular solids.
Magical Clothing Can wear clothing prepared for magic.
Focus Can wear magical foci.


Abilities Description
Snow Regeneration A spell that regenerates, heals and restores youth using the glacial waters.
Ice Statue Can use magic to create a permanent statue made from ice exactly to the desires of the caster.
Frost Zone Can create a zone where temperature stays lower than needed.
Frost Blast A energy blast of frost magic that quickly reduces the temperature of the user.
Ice Spike A spike of ice is formed and thrown at the target.
Snow Peace A pacification spell that stops all aggression by freezing the chemicals responsible for it.

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