This filter crab was created by the Ice Queen Tarkanciel with the help of the hermit god Sehkra over 150 years ago that made her nation refuge possible. This small blue crab can live on both extremely cold fresh and seawater, feeding on the tiny creatures found in sand, snow and ice, shoving it into its mouth and vomiting the useless parts. It is able to walk on any frozen surface effortlessly trough magic even if it is a roof. They are mainly kept around large pools or beaches and are one of the short few sources of food in the refuge. But not all of these Spidercrabs are small, some of them suffer from gigantism, making them large enough that they can be tamed and ridden by almost any Frost Guard. It large claws and the ambush potential of ice walking make them an dangerous creature to fight inside the glacial caves of the refuge.