The Calth Bratash is a secretive brotherhood of assassin monks, formed around five hundred years ago. The monks of the Bratrash reside somewhere within the old tunnels in the frozen mountain, dug by the king of Gortuath more than a thousand years ago. Many leprechauns in the Bratrash are born within these caverns, and rarely see daylight until adulthood, and this low exposure to sunlight turns their skin ash gray. The Calth Bratrash also secretly controls the surface village of Micarr, for trading and recruitment purposes. The nearby altar of Miac and its surrounding circle of megaliths is also used by the Bratrash in certain ceremonies.

Total numbers - 1,500

Notable membersEdit

Nath of Calthin: Although the actions of this monk is known by many leprechauns, not much more than its name is known to anyone. During the siege of Kohr, it is said that Nath single-handedly bypassed the island stronghold's security, assassinated the king and opened the gates to welcome the armies.

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