Buid et Debonaire was a Desert goblin that ruled the predecessors of the Republic of Jebrak .He was a genius orphan commoner that was adopted and bloodbonded by a noble thanks to his great charm and ability to lead. At the age of ten, after two years of watching how the nobility abused the slaves as much as the commoners, he started an anti-slavery railroad with a group of like-minded people, which he lead. For five years they would work to free slaves and help them hide in society of the Seylinn sands until the Cataclysm of Rorolark, when they set up a mass revolution of slaves and conquered the capital and other cities.

Three months after the cataclysm Buid would become the leader of the Seylinn remnant of the empire by threatening the Order of Peyloros to declare his leadership as supported by the myths. His rule would last for ten years when he made significant bureaucratic and administrative rules that kept the nation together without the use of slaves, however his military prospects usually ended in failure. These failures would provoke him to try harder and enforce constrictions of criminals and children into the war, but it cost him his life when he tried to control the priesthoods of the Ramaldian Sphere to use their powers for war. The Salvan priests did not tolerate this and burned him mid-speech at the age of 25 in front his people with their deities most hallowed light.

He was buried in Pan Ramalda and his soul was claimed by Ava and Lao. His legacy would be the end of slavery in most of Jebrak and modern administrative and bureaucratic rules that would achieve democracy. Most of his descendants choose to keep his name and in modern times anybody with the name of Debonaire is thought to be a charming and intelligent person.

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