File:Icon or picture of a class user.
Type Which of the eight types of skills does it use Range, Melee, Magic, Faith, Chance, Craft, Friend and Charm.
Attributes The attributes which this class most benefits from.
Power type The weapons or powers usable to this class.
Armour type The armours usable by this class.
Trinkets The preferred trinket used by this class.

A short introduction to the class that makes it interesting.


All background information on the class like:


its history and

Becoming oneEdit

how can a person learn it.


All the skills and abilities this class has.


All passive skills, weapons and magic it can use and other passive bonus.

Skills Description
Armour Which armour can it wear.
Weapon/Magic Which weapons/magic types can it wield.
Minor Schools Specify which minor schools of magic/weapons can it use.
Passive Any other passive bonus.
Immunity Does the class training grant any immunity to a status effect.


All active abilities, like attacks, heals and buffs it can use

Abilities Description
Attack How does the attack work and its effect.
Barrier How does the barrier work and its effect.
Heal How does the heal work and its effect.
Buff How does the buff work and its effect.
Debuff How does the debuff work and its effect.

Category: Classes

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