The Bloodfalls is the realm of the god Shoul of the Ramaldian Sphere.


All caves hidden behind waterfalls are said to lead to the Bloodfalls, which takes the shape of a perfectly circular basin of bloodred waterfalls.

Red FlowEdit

In the outer ring of the realm there are islands of pink crystals, each connected by stepping stones in different elevations with several smaller waterfalls. Some of these have occasional forts and towers, which are protected by Blood goblins and Bleeding warriors, commanded by Sanguinary Angels. Several outcrops of harvestable Megise ore can be found here.

Deep RedEdit

In the middle ring lies a gigantic, perfectly spherical fall that leads to a lake filled with whirlpools of pink sand that would kill anyone that falls in. The only connection between the inner ring and the outer ring are large spires of stepping stones that connect both.

Silveruby CityEdit

In the inner ring of the realm lies a circular city on top of a gigantic crystal. The city is entirely made of silver embedded with rubies, with all the buildings sharing the same architectural style which has various traits of several other architectural styles from around the world. These gates only open to orphans or those who leave an heritage to their descendants, like their ancestors before them. Inside the souls of Shoul's worshippers rest as Bleeding Judges, with Sanguinary Angels acting as guards and judges.

Blood God's BarracksEdit

At the exact centre of the realm lies the Barrack of the Blood God where the Bleeding Knights rest and Shoul can be found sitting on the Throne of Bloodlines.


  • Sanguinary Angels: The guardians of the realm, often found acting as guards of the city or commanders of the outer forces.
  • Bleeding Hearts: The inhabitants of the realm that act as warriors, judges and reserve armed forces.
  • Hemoscum Fishes: A native fauna of the realm that can be found in the small pockets of non-red blood.
  • Blood Goblins: One of the few ways for these abominations to maintain sanity is to live in the realm in the service of the blood god.

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