Blood Goblins are an abomination created by excessive exposure of a goblin to the divine power of Shoul, either by blessing, curse or living in his realm, the Bloodfalls. The goblin skin turns blood red and their blood flows easier inside the body while coagulating faster outside of it. Their hair, nails, teeth and bones become magenta coloured and become hard like Megise ore. Blood Goblins that live in the service of the blood god are able to maintain their sanity, like working for the Blood Knights of the Order of Shoul or guarding his realm. Those that don't will find their sanity dwindling away as they slowly became unable to recognize a person for what they are, instead treating all members of a bloodline as a single individual, gaining an obsession to exterminate bloodlines that wronged them. These last few are often found working for the Coven of Southern Witches or as members of a Hobgoblin Packs.

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