Birth of Shamal is an ancient black cauldron of the hermit god, Sehkra, containing an effervescent lime and purple fluid, created by the poison god, Zussi. Zussi filled this cauldron with his essence and the essence of the hermit god in order to prove that good could come from their union, using the corpse of an Antlion that Sehkra had hunted earlier and the blood of all poisonous creatures of Jebrak, he created Shamal the first of the Shamaldians. Sehkra rejected the child and Zussi romantic intentions forever. Distraught and mourning his defunct relationship, Zussi returned to home abandoning his child and the cauldron to the desert.

This Cauldron would eventually be found in one of the Shamaldians holy sites by the Old Goblin Empire. When Shamaldians drank this never-ending fluid in the cauldron they would regain their youth and be cured of all ills, but when any other race drank it they would go a metamorphosis that would give them a exceedingly durable exoskeleton, immunity to poison, poisonous claws. The Old empire used this to create the ???, supersoldiers that granted them many victories trough Jebrak, but it location was lost during the Cataclysm of Rorolark. This same cauldron was later found being used by the Coven of Southern Witches to create more ???, as one of the many divine item being used by the witches to maintain chaos in the southern nations.

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