Bahuvrîhi, Supreme Head of the Axe Wielders, 56 years old, is the actual Head of the whole Axe Wielder Bloodline in Kaarad. This veteran of countless battles against Those from Below, the Undeads and even the Asha in the last years of war with the Death Elves, is renowned for both his strength of will and his incredible skills when he use his great axe, despite is great age. Bahuvrîhi is actually one of the member of the Great Council of Kaarad, and is therefore greatly respected by all Kaaradi and slaves alike.

Bahuvrîhi's face is scarified with the Sigil of Tuam, the Kiaris God (obviously another incarnation of Tiam, the great Tiger God of Täjara), a Choice made as a mean to show his respect for his Tajarän ancestors who fell in the Kaarad 2000 years ago. The old man is maybe the greatest tactician of Kaarad, surpassing by far even the King of Terror Askerok himself. Bahuvrîhi is also charged with the protection of some crucial secrets that should not be known even by his Kaaradi's masters by decree of the Priesthood of Shal'vraal under the guidance of the Unholy Child himself: outside of said priests, Bahuvrîhi is the only living inhabitant of Kaarad with knowledge concerning the Covens of Assassins.

Bahuvrîhi is the the birth slave of Lakiru Tralkis, a female Kaaradi among the poorest in the Gathering of Sslu'arku, in the jurisdiction of Galagrön. Since his youth, he proved his greatness and his glory helped his master. However, at the age of thirty two, Lakiru sacrificed herself to save her slave's life during a skirmish against Those from Below; since the death of his owner, Bahuvrîhi is in mourn, feeling that despite the glorious death of Lakiru, he failed to protect her and is therefore incredibly zealous in his duties, as a mean to atone for what he see as a fault.

Bahuvrîhi is also the father of three children and married with Sahiha, another incredibly skilled Axe Wielder belonging to an inhabitant of Galagrön. Bahuvrîhi is highly protective when it comes to his family: hurting them would bring the wrath of the Supreme Head of the Axe Wielders to those fool enough to do so.

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