The twin deities Ava and Lao are a male and a female deities of the Ramaldian Sphere with the main domain of Mind and sub-domains of the Lust, Charm and Beauty. Although they are both different deities their domains, realms and spirits are very similar with their androgyny and love to confuse people on which twin is which causes everyone to confuse them. They are the childen of Amada and the Baron of the Manor and at least one of them is responsible for the creation of the deity Styon. Their realms are the Thousand Rooms.


As the twin gods of all things beautiful, their physical aspects are entirely dependent on an individual basis. As such all physical representations of these deity are heavily enchanted items that always appears as an ideal of beauty to those that watch it. The only characteristics they show independently of the beholder is being androgynous and scantly clad enough that they are indistinguishable and their gender unknown.

They are often seen as playful and tempting characters that take more consideration for the happiness of the people, than their prosperity. They also love to further confuse people by constantly lying about who they are and never staying apart.


They started their existence as a deity of love of a church of the ??? race and a deity of lust of a church of the ??? and when the Goblin Empire conquered them, the goblins mixed up both gods into being twins and turned into the children of Amada and the Baron of the Manor. The myths of the Ramaldian Sphere feature them very little and their stories are usually apart from those of the other deities. Despite of this they have a very high representation of followers among the worshippers of the sphere even if they are mostly undeveloped in its story.



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