In here a writer can make a claim for a concept and take credits for it. The claim/credit must be made with their nickname from Sol forums. A person that owns a claim/credit must be contacted if anybody want to mess with that concept. Large swathes of land can't be taken credit.

List of CreditsEdit


  • Leprechauns


  • Bestiary Organization (FUNCTION)
  • Goblins
  • Sinferi (PERMIT: can create incarnation for other gods and have that population of sinferi)
  • Fectirir
  • Kramatak
  • Shamaldian
  • Dragons of Jebrak
  • Earthpride
  • Seducer Globe
  • Psi Ace
  • Ramaldian Pantheon and everything associated with it (EXTENSION: religions on Jebrak)
  • Republic of Jebrak
  • Goblin Empire
  • Tarkanciel's Refuge
  • Free Dragons of Mokre Sul
  • Sauramander (OPEN)
  • Ancient Tartarians


  • Era'thora
  • Primordial Giant (COOPERATIVE: Yaskaleh)
  • Oru'thora 
  • Kundra
  • Primordial (OPEN)


  • Dwarves
  • Baron Varr Empire
  • Senebe Kingdom


  • Kaaradi
  • Urshari
  • Ukrin'daram (ANNOTATED Ashendant)
  • Scions of Täj
  • Order of the Loving Death (ANNOTATED: Ashendant)
  • Order of the Deadliest Poison (ANNOTATED: Ashendant)
  • Kingdom of Thama
  • Kiaris
  • Ssatrekis
  • Ralkish
  • Dura'turakas
  • The Face of Terror
  • The Strange Pipe of Leibermann Schlaussivk
  • The Sword of a Thousand Murders
  • Ur-Karan and Vol-Karan
  • Bahuvrîhi, Supreme Head of the Axe Wielders
  • Erakni the Last Giant, Herald of Destiny
  • Great Matriarch Alsunnia
  • Kaaral Kor nal Askerok Kiaris
  • Kor ra Ath, Fury of the People
  • Rasan the Technomage
  • Urtraom, High Champion of the Vara'Gol
  • Below lie the Terror
  • The Realm of Terror


  • Sanguimin


  • Jungle elves (OPEN)
  • Tartarian Lashtongue (OPEN)


  • Trolls (OPEN)


  • Windland
  • Wind elves
  • Aderhirsch
  • Dracon
  • Primordial Giants (COOPERATIVE: Cemotucu)
  • Grimwater Raiders
  • Ashtari Pantheon
  • Trinity of Shadows
  • Westereichen
  • Sudereichen
  • Landsluss
  • Schwarzwald
  • Wustbrisen
  • Osterburg
  • Sudwackten


  • FUNCTION: Not a claim but a responsibility to maintain something
  • OPEN: Means that the author opened it for everybody else to edit as long as the base idea is kept the same.
  • PERMIT: Means that the author opened part of it to everybody else, with what is open being in front.
  • ANNOTATED: Means that someone else is helping with the article but isn't making any claims.
  • COOPERATIVE: Means that both authors are making a cooperative claim.

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